16 Sep 2013

It started with a kiss

It's been a quiet week here and if i'm being honest it's been my lack of inspiration. I really am not feeling this new weather, it's come out of nowhere and I've been so unprepared! Not wanting to take a trip to negative town but I really don't like the colder months. I was discussing this other day with Paige and I just HATE everything in my winter wardrobe, or lack thereof. I forgot until the other day that I got rid of the majority of my winter clothes at a boot fair over the summer! Woops! Never mind, my winter wardrobe woes were put to bed when my brand new Coco Fennell dress arrived. 

I can't remember who but another girl I follow on Instagram shared a picture of her wearing this dress and I just knew I had to have it right away! The embroidered lipstick mark on the collar simply called out to me and I was over the moon when I discovered it was on sale and I nabbed the last one in my size. This dress has a Wednesday Addams vibe and the colours and style are simply perfect for this weather which right now has been raining non stop...the black opaque tights are back on!
I had never seen or heard of Coco Fennell before- where have I been? But I am now converted and already have my eye on the next dress I want from her Autumn/ Winter collection.


  1. THAT DRESS... OH MY GOD *__* It's so gorgeous and looks ESPECIALLY perfect on you miss! Changing seasons always put me in a somewhat down mood (time is passing too quickly! ;_;) but I have to say, as silly as it sounds, distracting myself by looking at Autumn/Winter lookbooks is actually keeping me from being too upset!

  2. That dress is so gorgeous, the little collar detailing is just perf! You always look so wonderful! x


  3. Sweet look! Love the lipstick lips on
    the collar c: Xx

  4. gosh how absolutely adorable is that lipstick on the collar;) i´m in love with that outfit of yours!

  5. Beautiful! I tend to be in a place where I dislike the vast majority of my winter clothes too. Maybe I should try to change that...

  6. I feel the same hatred towards Autumn/Winter! I wouldn't mind if it was just slightly chilly but British winters are just far too cold to look really good. I've already bought 4 or 5 new jumpers in preparation though!
    I adore your dress as I'm a Wednesday Addams fan too, and the embroidered kiss mark adds a romantic touch! I also have MAJOR shoe envy! xx

  7. Wednesday Addams never looked so chic! I hate winter wardrobe shopping too (nothing seems comfortable to me when all I want to do is curl up at home with a cozy sweater and a bowl of soup) but this dress is truly quite fab and you pull it off flawlessly.

  8. Adorable! I love this look. They hair, make up and dress are all impeccable.




  9. I love love love it all! Don't be sad, I was just thinking about how much I miss being cold! It's been a year and a half of straight sun and 86 degrees! Gotta love Hawaii! But, I'd still like a break in all the shorts and flip flop mayhem! I miss winter! oxoxoxo

  10. That dress is absolutely adorable! It's wonderful how one detail can change it all :) Love it!



  11. that collar is too cute - love it x

  12. That collar is so great with the detail, but the dress is adorable anyhow.

    I've been checking your blog on my ipad for awhile but never commented. Figured it was time since I'm looking on a computer right now - sorry to be a silent creeper. But I adore your style - you're totally adorable.

  13. this is so nice, i love the collar! great style

    abi x


  14. Ahh this dress is perfect on you <3 you look gorgeous. Now we can be twinnies in our Coco Fennell dresses, too!

    xox Sammi

  15. The dress is amazing and I love your style! Soooo pretty. <3

    Sarah http://sarahbogott.wordpress.com

  16. ah, you are the cutest little lady! i love the collar on this dress, it's so cute with the kiss! newest follower of your darling blog.

    lindsey louise


  17. Lovely dress!
    I really like your blog!
    It would be nice if we start to follow each other on bloglovin!
    Let me know if you like the idea ^.^

    Much love,



  18. How kissable post <3 You are so adorable :) This dress is fantastic, you amaze !

  19. you look so gorgeous and adorable from head to toe! <3 love love love!

    Pudding Monster

  20. That dress by Coco Fennell looks AMAZING on you. It's like a grown up version of a Wednesday Addams dress! Ahhh! <3

    Cara xxx

    Glacial Glow

  21. I love the cheekiness of some of your poses here. This is a great dress and it pairs so well with the red items!


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