1 Sep 2013

Light of my life, fire of my loins

That didn't take long did it? For me to purchase the two piece playsuit from the Twinwood festival and for me wear it out almost immediately. Well the weather was fantastic in Kent Wednesday so I didn't want to waste anytime and I was simply dying to wear it. I returned once again to the barn for this shoot as I couldn't of imagined a better backdrop for the outfit. I was excited to see that owner had gained a fresh delivery of dozens of hay bales stacked liked a mountain which meant it looked completely different this time around and more fun for Jonathan and I to climb around in. 
 I can't tell you how much I am in love with this playsuit form Heyday Vintage Style. It reminds me of what Dominque Swain wore in 1997 film version of 'Lolita'. Giving off style vibes of sweet, innocent, American retro, cute with just the right hint of sexiness. The purple, lilac and mulberry flowers are delicate and spread across an ivory background- Floral pattern heaven!

What I love about this 'Pomp and Power' playsuit from them is the option to select different sizes for the top and bottom. I am often reluctant to buy and wear trousers and bottoms as they mostly look awkward on me. Being a lot smaller on top and larger below does tend to create sizing issues for me when it comes to clothing, I'm sure any fellow pears share this problem? Alas this was not the case this time around. I felt confident, cheeky and retro in this outfit. I decided to team it with sneakers on that day which I feel toned down the look down keeping it quite playful. 
Pomp and Power Playsuit-Heyday Vintage Style
Sneakers- Newlook
Hairclip- Twinwood Festival

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  1. you look incredible in this!!! xxxxx

  2. Replies
    1. that's so lovely to hear, i do try to mix it up xxxx thank you

  3. You look like you really had fun posing in this outfit, and it's awesome that you were able to get two different sizes to get the perfect fit!

  4. You look beautiful - your hair always looks so amazing! I love hay bales and countryside scenery and it looks great for this outfit :)

    Chloe. x

  5. Such a cute outfit! I too am super pair shaped so being able to buy different sized pieces is essential

  6. That playsuit is amazing! You look utterly awesome in it. Indeed, just like a film character. And your figure looks amazing in it! I know what you mean about being different sizes. I often fight against it and try and pretend I am not because I hate how some items I seem to be 2 sizes up than I am in others.
    Also, I love the location for it. Makes me want to get out into the countryside.

    1. It's a pain isn't it? I'm a size 8 on top (not much boobage going on ha ha) and size 12 on my bottom and so many bits of of clothing assume people are the same all the way through! x

  7. You look just like a 1950's pin up girl, and so beautiful! Alex


  8. I can't decide which I love more - the pretty playsuit, your fab hairstyle or that incredible location! As a photography graduate I have to say that the lighting looks amazing in these pictures and I really want to do a shoot in a barn full of hay now! Perfection xx

    1. It was great fun shooting in here again! Barn shoots are awesome and create a completely different story! xxx thanks hun xxx

  9. so sweet! You look like you are a spicy girl! Haha! I am sure we could share some laughs together in real life!


    love, polly

  10. God girl, you are my new idol! Firstly - god how devine and beautiful you look on these photos!! Absolutely gorgeous! And I seriously share your pain on this - I'm also a size 8 on top and 12 on the bottom, gotta dislike pear life :D It's so hard to find playsuits like that (or in my case any kind of pants that look good) .. It's so rare to see girls like you in blogging world and you are such an inspiration <3 You rock, I'm your new (and very happy) fan! :) xo

    Much love from Epp,



  11. GAH you look GORGEOUS!!! This playsuit is divine on you, and YOU MUST TEACH ME HOW TO DO MY HAIR LIKE THIS!!!! I'm always a little afraid of not being able to buy separate sizes in something like this, though when I've gambled on ones from ModCloth, it's turned out okay. I love the close up photo of the print -- it's even more beautiful than I thought. And I need to find some kind of barn, stat. :)

    xox Sammi

  12. I can't tell you how much I love these shots!! Perfect setting, perfect posing, gah! Too much. Can't deal. <3

    xo Ashley

  13. What a lovely outfit! You're really cute! I love your hair! :)



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