29 Sep 2013

*Mushroom Magic*

Sometimes there comes along a dress that as soon as you see it you just know you have it in your life. While I was working at Cath Kidston the Autumn/Winter Lookbook arrived way, way back in early Summer and they introduced the 'Mushroom' print.  I was simply in love with it as a print from the word go. Now it's not everyone's taste and I will admit that, but if you're like me and love a good quirky print then this print is the epitome of quirky. The colours, the design, even the placement of  the mushrooms it's just rather fantastic. I was simply gutted when work were informed that we weren't receiving it in our fashion section (which was my section of course!). I do in fact remember kicking off a little as I was seriously looking forward to it. Just as I predicted as soon as it hit stores and online the dress sold out almost immediately. Alas the mushroom dress was never to be mine. 
On my last day of working at Cath Kidston my incredible team surprised me with my leaving gift which was- lo and behold- the mushroom dress! And my store manager also got me the matching cup and saucer. I was simply over-the-moon with them. 

What I love about this dress has to be the fabric, I'm not quite sure what its exact components are but it's a heavy cotton with an almost tapestry feel to it. What's great is that the quality is lovely and thick enough that you don't have to wear a slip underneath and the length of it is just perfect.

Dress- Cath Kidston
Trainers- New Look
Socks- Primark
Cardigan- Cath Kidston
Mushroom Pin- Cath Kidston

Satchel- Camden Market


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!! I am so SO jealous! I wish we had Cath Kidston stores in Australia, I would buy that dress in an instant. How lovely to be gifted such a beautiful dress and a matching cup! I adore anything with a mushroom print but I haven't seen any dresses with a mushroom print before, when I find one I will be sure to buy it :D

  2. This dress is so lovely your very lucky :D

  3. That dress is beautiful, it reminds of of Alice in Wonderland for some reason! You always look stunning Rebecca! x


  4. Oh gosh how lucky you are! Your pictures (and little mushrooms) just made me go awwww and smile :) love it!



  5. You look very pretty and cute! I especially like the mushroom cup & saucer.

  6. Ah I want your dress! The mushroom print is the cutest ever! I just love it. I also love that you wore a mushroom pin on your cardigan. So so cute!

  7. I got an email about this dress a while ago and I love it even more now!

    abi x


  8. I love the socks with the converse!

  9. oh my gosh how absolutely cute is that dress! i´m in love with that mushroom print! you look adorable!
    love and kiss,mary

  10. How adorable! The dress, the brooch, the little mushrooms- so cute! Alex


  11. I can understand why you love this dress so much. It's too cute! Love all the extra shrooms too like that pin on your cardigan. Adorable!


  12. I'm just now getting to read this post!! The dress is perfect on you! I wanted it so badly, but they sold out of my size on both the UK and US sites (I've had luck before with ordering from the UK one, with the train dress!). But it's simply darling. And I'm obsessed with your hair like this!!! Teach me!!! I do love that I have the same brooch :) I just need to figure out what I want to wear it with! Oh, and I love that you found a spot with little mushrooms growing. Perfect.

    xox Sammi

  13. You look gorgeous in that dress, lucky you to be bought it!

    Loving the photoshoot as well :)

    Hmm maybe...

  14. Such a lovely post :)



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