9 Sep 2013

Sunflower Toil

Saturday was one of those days when it officially felt like Summer was really drawing to an end. The air was a little chilled and it really wasn't the day to wear a summer tea dress. It was an exciting day from the moment the new Alexa Chung book arrived through my letterbox. (Which by the way is cheap cheap cheap on Amazon at the moment at only £11! ). I have been looking forward to It for ages and it really didn't disappoint. If you're an Alexa fan such as myself it's a really lovely read, it's full of lots of her own drawings, photographs and musings. What I really love about her style is the complete effortlessness of it and her ability to look beautiful so naturally. It is a very quick read, in fact I sat on my bed the moment it arrived and was done within the hour. I only wished it was longer and told us more! After reading it I really was inspired that day to go for one of my more relaxed, casual outfits and to opt for little makeup.

Alexa Chung is quite infamous for wearing flats in the fashion world which is also something I adore her for. There are some days when my feet really cannot tolerate another day of wearing heels and wearing flats or sneakers is the only option. The Fashion world encourages us to fight through the pain and argues 'fashion is never comfortable'.  I have come to learn that idea is really rather ridiculous. I love wearing heels which particular outfits as the glamour, the height, the look and boost they give you is fantastic but on this particular day we were off to the Football at Ebbsfleet (come on Ebbsfleet!) and I didn't think rocking up in heels wasn't entirely appropriate! I haven't worn these in months and completely forgot I had them! I haven't been able to afford the Charlotte Olympia real deals so for the time being these will have to do.

Blouse- Topshop
Dress- Newlook
Pumps- Missguided
Satchel- Camden Market


  1. I adore this outfit Rebecca, everything about it is just so so pretty! I'd love to know what you think of Alexa's book too! x


  2. Wow, how cool are those flowers! And you look lovely- love the way you layered! Alex


  3. I think you look gorgeous without so much make up :D i am bedridden and read a lot of blogs where everyone wears make up so i feel a bit plain at times but you looking so nice makes me feel better about it :)


  4. i'm jealous of those sunflowers! :-/

  5. Gosh, you always look so fetching! I love that outfit, it really suits you somehow :)

  6. Aw this dress looks so cute worn as a jumper. I love the top you layered underneath it and your little cat shoes are adorable.

  7. I dig it. Beautiful sunflowers and you look so lovely.



  8. I love the little touch of gold on that shirt. Are they clips or is that part of the shirt? The sunflowers are fantastic. They are one of my favourite flowers. They are just so darn cheerful.

  9. Sometimes really going with flats or sneakers is the way, we all need that from time to time! You actually remind me a bit of Alexa, which is just awesome :)!



  10. I love this whole outfit and the shoes have been moved quickly to the top of my wish list. You really suit these darker colours too :)

  11. I love this outfit, its so cute! And i love the regimental sunflowers! Ours are a bit more crazy forest in a patch haha! So cute!


    Cat xx

  12. gorgeous as always miss

    hannah bee

  13. You look absolutely charming! And i agree with you about the whole flats thing. I used to buy lots of heeled shoes but end up never really wearing them. It's just great that there are a lot of cute flats nowadays. ♥


  14. You look absolutely charming! And i agree with you about the whole flats thing. I used to buy lots of heeled shoes but end up never really wearing them. It's just great that there are a lot of cute flats nowadays. ♥


  15. You look beautiful - I'm a big fan of minimal or no makeup and I think you look lovely like this! I adore the blouse and I like how you've styled it with the dress. :) I'd love to read the book but might wait a while until it's a little cheaper.

    Chloe. x

  16. I think the knock offs are just as cute, even if I struggle with the whole intellectual property thing, at some point I realize 500 dollar for shoes is quite silly as you are paying for the name when it comes to that.

    Anyhow - I'm big on flats. Audrey Hepburn wore them a lot too. Classic.

    And that top is so cute under this dress.


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