5 Sep 2013

Think Pink

Yesterday Jonathan and I had a day off together and decided to go to the cinema, do lunch and go for a walk in the woodland on the way home.  We saw the new movie 'About Time' which was really lovely but if you're quite an emotional wreck such as myself you will cry, well actually come to think of it Jon nearly cried too! It was one of those films which really touches you. Aftering crying like a little girl at the cinema I really didn't want to blog any photos in the afternoon as I really wasn't in the 'zone' and looked a bit of a mess! There really are days when it's just not happening photowise and this day I think was one of them. We walked around the most amazing woodland but shot of after shot was just a disaster- delete-delete-delete. We almost gave up then on the way out we came across this lovely part of the woodland and the light was just perfect. 

I forget how much I love this dress from Traffic People, but I often never wear it as the design of the front is extremely revealing. I think it requires you to either not wear a bra, or wear one of those special ones who has time for that?  I could just wear a tank top underneath but I think it ruins the overall grecian style look. Going braless outdoors does kind of scare me, especially if you're going to the supermarket- yikes! 


  1. I really do adore looking at your pictures! You look as gorgeous as ever!

  2. Beautiful! I love your posts <3!

  3. So beautiful Becca! I love the colour of your dress and floral crown, so pretty! xxx


  4. What a gorgeous place to take photographs! That dress is such a lovely colour on you too :) x

    The Little Things

  5. You look amazing - I love the dress! (Don't think I'd be brave enough however!) That's a lovely location for the outfit though, it always stuns me how you tie it so well with your clothes.

    Chloe x

  6. What a beautiful, beautiful dress! The background, too, so whimsical, like a fairytale! Lovely <3

    Lots of love,
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  7. So adorable! Love how whimsical you look in that pink dress and flower head piece. ♥


  8. Actually, you wear my favourite colour <3 You look so magic <3

  9. Rebecca, your photos are always such an inspiration, and that dress is a dream! x

  10. Your photos are gorgeous! You look lovely xx


  11. I really envy you. If I wore a dress that low cut I'd be terribly and really obscene (I've tried on one before and it was......bad news bears.) I want to wear this look - instead, I'll just love it on you.


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