21 Oct 2013

Bag it up

Whether it's the 'night out' bag, or maybe the 'popping out to the shops' bag, the guilty 'fits virtually nothing inside but looks great' bag, the 'I bought this because I needed it to complete a particular outfit' bag, the 'practical' bag, the 'festive favourite' bag, or my personal penchant, the 'everyday' bag (the one that we insist on carrying unnecessarily copious amounts of crap around in); whatever bag it may be let's face it, us girls are prone to owning several different types of bags. 

It honestly does baffle me til this very day how men can get away with fitting everything in their back pocket. I love bags, in fact it's fair to say I have quite the collection but you will still see me using the same 3 or 4 in rotation because once you find one that works with you you're sorted. 

I was simply thrilled when Bagable got in touch with me recently asking me to review one of their bags. Without a moment's hesitation I agreed and began to scour through their website in search of my dream bag. What I didn't realise was how incredibly hard it was for me to decide. Their choice of bags is varied and impressive and nothing short of exhausting when faced with the challenge of choosing a favourite! After looking at their website I was surprised to see that they also had a shop in Kent not far from where I lived so I decided to pay them a visit and see all their bags in their full glory. 

Buying a bag for us ladies we all know is such a personal experience. We all have a different agenda of what we look for in a bag. Maybe for you it has to look great, or be genuine leather, or maybe has to be a designer, maybe it has to fit your kindle? I don't know; we all have different things we require and I guess for every woman there must somewhere lurk an ideal bag. 

Bagable stock an impressive selection of popular branded bags- Fossil, Kipling, Paul Frank, Fiorelli and many more but for me I have always been a massive fan of Nica, having owned 2 previously (one had fish buckles!) which I adored massively. Their bag designs are chic, modern, pretty and my personal favourite details of theirs has to be their bag linings which are always lined with a contrasting patterned fabric. Something I cannot stand with bags: black lining. What is that about people? You can never find anything. 

Anyway, I felt so incredibly overwhelmed with their choice of bags on offer, I have always had a soft spot for Kipling- complete their famous monkey keyring!- I'm such a sucker for a cute quirk to anything really!. 

As you can see from their amazing selection of bags it was an incredibly difficult choice, in particular this yellow owl bag sang to me.

Joanna pointed out a bag that I hadn't noticed yet and I fell in love with it at once. It was a Nica camera bag with an owl faced opening clasp that was complete with a carry strap and a adjustable shoulder strap. I took out the stuffing straight away and popped my DSLR in and it fit (like a glass slipper with an owl face)! Not only that but also inside it comes complete with a matching change purse and an extra pocket compartment. I almost never see camera bags that are pretty; most are functional and ugly or pretty and impractical.  

 This bag is the perfect happy medium, gorgeous to look at but still with even enough room for my phone, purse, lipstick, paw paw cream, tissues, makeup, wet wipes, diary, pens, chewing gum...where was I? Oh yes, thank you to Bagable for my new favourite bag, I look forward to having more adventures with it very soon and sharing them with you xx

Playsuit- Topshop
Shirt- Charity Shop
Shoes- Office
Bowler- H & M

Bagable has also kindly offered all readers of The Cinnamon Slipper a discount code for your dream bag! Simply enter 'CINNAMONSLIPPER10' and this entitles you to 10% off


  1. These bags are so pretty! I especially love the first red one!

    abi from a little dust

  2. I'm still looking for a camera bag... I think I need this one!!

  3. I think I need this camera bag before I even have a camera to put in it! In love <3

  4. That bag is gorgeous! I need it!
    Danielle xo || Lilyofthevalley

  5. You picked the perfect one, I think!!! Lovely color for all seasons, totally practical and amazingly cute!! I feel like I have so many bags, and yet I never have *the* one I need.

    xox Sammi

  6. It's true that no girl can live without a large variety of bags to choose from. I don't understand how boys manage without them either. One of life's mysteries! I doubt there are any camera bags in the world that compare to your new one! It's so pretty and so you! xx

  7. the more whimsical a bag is, the better! it's a serious addiction and we'll never be satisfied with just a couple of purses...

  8. That is THE perfect camera bag! Ahh, does it have special compartments for lenses too? I have been on the lookout for a glamorous camera bag but can't seem to find anything that isn't ugly but practical...

  9. Gorgeous bag! I love anything in that tan shade; I recently bought a little leather satchel and I have my eye on yet another bag - totally necessary, of course.... x


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