8 Oct 2013

Dusty Pink

Months ago it was fashion forecasted that pastel coloured coats, in particular pink, were set to be hot this Autumn/Winter. For the past 2 or 3 years at Winter time I've worn dark coloured coats- black, blue and chestnut- but this year I myself was really drawn to go for a lighter colour. In last month's Vogue I simply fell in love the new collection by Marks and Spencer's and their new campaign featuring of all the famous UK leading ladies. An item that lept out of the ad to me had to be the blush pink coat worn by Karen Elson- which promptly sold out! I just knew pink was the way to go this season. I also saw this dusty pink coat by Zara in magazines but it was virtually impossible to get hold of and I didn't want to pay double for it on ebay. I almost gave up until I decided to give my local Zara a phone call and to cut a long and boring story short she was mine and it's been permanently attached to my body ever since. 

Its been such a busy week and I i've been simply useless at taking the time to stop and photograph my outfits. I wouldn't think to wear this dress in the autumn/ winter months but I was feeling like wearing a touch of colour yesterday.

Coat- Zara
Dress- Ingenue
Shoes- Shoe Garage
Satchel- Camden Market


  1. That coat is SO beautiful, perfect color and cut! You will look so glamorous this winter :D

  2. SO pretty, my love! And I love when you finally get a piece you've been lusting after, by sheer luck and determination! :) I also just adore this dress on you!

    xox Sammi

  3. Everything about your outfit and hairstyle remind me a bit of Mad Men! I love pastel winter coats, they kind of contrast with the weather and I don't know but pastels are always welcome in any season :P x

  4. Such a lovely coat, you did well to get one!

    abi x


  5. This dress is so pretty on you! I absolutely love the two shades of pink going on in this outfit.

  6. Lovely outfit! You were so lucky to snatch one of those gorgeous coats! I missed out on the Zara one but have to say I'm in love with my Topshop pink coat! I would wear it everywhere! haha

  7. oh that coat! I'm in love with pale pink and I've also considered getting a lighter, pastel coat :) it just brightens up those foggy, sad days!



  8. Wow, that coat! I love it, it's gorgeous and it suits you so much :)
    Danielle xo || Lilyofthevalley

  9. Wow this outfit is perfect in every possible way. I want those gorgeous shoes so very much and the beautiful dress

  10. I love the pink coats that are in at the moment, I think they are going to look so cheerful on cold wintery days. These photos are gorgeous, you look absolutely fantastic in pink xo


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