24 Oct 2013

Take me down to China Town

October has been such a whirlwind month and I will admit blogging has taken a backseat...which really does break my heart a little. I've been getting home to bed at 11pm from my new job for a solid month and completely missed the window of blogging and boyfriend time. If you are a blogger yourself you will know that blogging requires dedicated commitment and a good post takes a decent amount of time in its creation. A lot of love goes into my posts and I try to document my adventures and outfits as much as I can as it really is my favourite creative outlet- along with sewing, painting and drawing.

A blessing and curse of being me is that I am also a perfectionist the majority of the time! So some drafted posts don't always make the cut.

I'm pleased to announce that my new working hours are a million times more sociable! Hurray! So more time to cuddle the boy and blog. 

Just when I had a moment of fear that I had lost my blogging Mo-Jo a day out with my hometown girlies definitely got me back on track. We had planned our trip to see "Matilda" the musical for quite some time and and it really was one of those days that was just perfect.

I simply adore snuggling down in a toasty jumper in the colder months and layering with a shirt- is my essential go to style....if in doubt layer with a shirt! I am simply in love with this seasons trend of Tartan. I picked up this really tame tartan coloured mini skirt from Urban Outfitters a while back and just love it. It's already been worn 5 or 6 times already.

Coat- Zara
Shirt- Charity Shop
Skirt- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Office
Bag- Bagable
Amy and Rhiannon travelled down from Bristol for day and I decided to introduce them to Camden Market as they had never been before and I knew they'd love it. 

Essential must dos with girlfriends: obligatory photo booth photos, and taking them to Eds Diner too! 
Oreo milkshakes and eds platter plates all around.

Massive thanks to Amy taking today's outfit photos! x


  1. Oh my, such cute shots! Love your outfit- looks like you had fun! Alex


  2. Looks like you had an awesome day! I adore your outfit! That coat is just so lovely! x


  3. You are just the CUTEST with this outfit! Love it! :)



  4. I love every single piece of this outfit! lovely post :)

    abi from a little dust

  5. is absolutely right dedication and love to our blogs, but I hope soon to have a registered user! ... well mostly loved his jumper outfit ... wish one like! ... and tell you that some of their photos I get very hungry :)

  6. You look gorgeous, and I'm loving that skirt! Where are you working now?? I'm glad that your hours are becoming more manageable. It's so hard to balance everything, and I think we're much alike in that we put a lot of time and heart into blogging! Also, did you love Matilda?! I've heard such wonderful things about it (and I loved the Broadway cast when they performed on the Tony Awards).

    xox Sammi

  7. In love with tartan! :)
    Especially in these colors! :)

  8. Love what you're wearing! :)

  9. Oh, I just love this! You look so gorgeous!
    Can we have a Ed's date soon? ;)


  10. It's such amazing place <3 you look wonderful & I love your skirt, hun <3

  11. Fab photos, I love China town! ps. your owl bag is so sweet! x

    The Little Things

  12. Love your outfit! And what a lovely day out <3

  13. Wow! so lovely girl


  14. I love your blog, I'm following you!!! xoxo


  15. you have such a fab blog :) i love it and can't wait to see your future posts now i'm following you. i love snuggling down in jumpers and this pink jumper and coat are such gorgeous colours! the bag is really cute too :)

  16. You look so beautiful! Just discovered this blog and now following! I live really near Camden Market and it is always interesting to see it pop up on other peoples blogs. I love Matilda as well - saw it a few months ago it's a good'un ! XX

  17. Just discovered your blog! Followed via GFC and bloglovin. Lovely posts and you're also gorgeous :)

    The British Teen // fashion, beauty, lifestyle

    Heidi ♡

  18. I need that bag in my life!

  19. You always look so pretty, Rebecca! I know I haven't been commenting, but I've been keeping up still. I hear ya on the whole blogger commitment thing. It takes so much time and effort to run a blog and I think a lot of people who don't do it might not understand it fully. It takes hours of taking planning outfits, finding locations, taking pictures, editing pictures, writing the post, keeping up with social media and e-mails, etc. It's almost like running a little business! Except we don't get paid...lol.


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