30 Nov 2013

Golden Bows, Golden Leaves

'Catching Fire' the new Hunger Games movie has been on mine and Jon's agenda for ages. Both being massive fans of the books and the previous movie we couldn't wait for the next installment. We had a very much needed day off and decided to make a day of it cinema, lunch then shopping. 'Catching Fire'- was seriously amazing!!! I probably enjoyed it more than Gravity this year if I'm honest- which was dubbed this years 'movie of the year'. In my opinion it's one of the best book to movie adaptations in a very long time. There so many books out there that make it to the screen and so much gets lost in translation. I'm looking at you 'The Lovely Bones'- Where the movie is nothing like the beautiful book. Which made me so mad! Why did they bother? Well anyways before I get into a full on rant on why that movie made me so angry, The Hunger Games was awesome and Jennifer Lawrence is just a goddess. I love her.
What do you think of The Cinnamon Slippers new layout? Thoughts? I fancied a change and thought this was rather slick and simple. There are plans in the near future for a complete change but for now this seems rather lovely. 

I picked up these swanky suede shoes in the The House of Fraser sale and they were the last pair and in my size! it must of been fate! They are just beautiful and smell gorgeous too!
 Dress- Cath Kidston
Coat- Dorothy Perkins
Shoes- Melissa
Bag- Bagable

25 Nov 2013

Take a bite of my heart tonight

This would be the first ever designer dress I ever bought and dammit I love it and always will. Sometimes it's nice to go into the shops you love and gaze at the beautiful things you wish you could own and for me that day it was the Betsey Johnson store (when it was still there) in Covent Garden. I think it must of been my lucky day that afternoon as they had a sale rail and out of curiousity I tried this dress on. 

The fit, the fabric, the colours; I really felt that this dress was made for me. I just knew I had to buy it and decided it would be a worthy investment. Lots of you might have seen me wear this dress before on here, as I'm all for recyling outfits when possible but some reason I never shared with you all these shots that were taken ages ago by my friend Jack. 

Dress- Betsey Jonson
Heels- Dorothy Perkins

I simply adore Betsey Johnson's design aesthetic, the use of vibrant colours, the feminine and truly girlie style she creates and the ability for its wearers to feel like a real princess in her creations. There are two dresses I own that instantly transform me and this is one of them. I can't quite explain it, but I think we all have one dress that is precious to us and makes us feel like a million dollars. If this came in white and was a tad longer hell! I'd get married in it!

22 Nov 2013

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

"We are going to the Zoo zoo zoo you can come too, too, too!" I cannot remember the last time I went to the zoo. I used to work at London Zoo as a face painter 2/3 years ago and I simply loved it! I couldn't tell you where a single animal actually was while I worked there. As we were permanently attached to the face painting stand and were always busy I never really got to wander about and adventure. So when Jon and I decided to visit our local Kent Zoo 'Howletts' on our day off we were in for treat.

Dress- Dorothy Perkins
Blazer- Primark
Boots- New Look

That morning we committed and booked our tickets online and went on our way for us to only be caught in the worst rainstorm. No exaggeration it was awful the rain didn't stop...usually I'm one of those people who go "oh it'll pass" and it just didn't seem to! It just kept raining and raining and raining.

There was no going back we had spent our money and we wanted to see some animals!!

The upside to going to the zoo when it rains (badly) there is virtually no one else there. The entire ZOO was ours! We were free to roam and look at all the animals- wait?! What animals? all the animals chickened out and went indoors? Yep!The only animals hardcore enough to put on a show for us were the elephants, red river hogs, a single monkey sitting in the rain- I think he was depressed or something?

On our way out after finally being defeated by the rain and lack of animals on display we were pleased to see a single tiger was sitting in the pouring rain on the grass. We rushed over to see him and waved at him like a bunch of 5 years olds. Took a little Jon/ Becky/ Tiger selfie phone snap of him chilling on the grass. (This is us doing our best tiger impression....obviously).

 I was squealing with delight at how beautiful and close it was to us and on the off chance I thought id put my hands up on the glass and well this happened!

It was such a magical moment and I cannot believe we managed to capture it on camera. Cannot wait to go back again soon. x

19 Nov 2013

Christmas in a cup

Well pour me a cup of Christmas why don't you? My first thoughts when taking my much-anticipated virgin sip of Teapigs Spiced Winter Red Tea this morning.

Teapigs recently got in touch asking me if I'd be interested in reviewing some of their lovely tea. I am always up for reviewing items that I am interested in but I was very honest in replying that I don't drink tea or coffee- only herbal. Yep that's a little confession of mine. No judgement please! I only drink herbal teas- green, apple, lemon and ginger and chinese tea and that's it.
I've never been a fan of the taste of regular tea or coffee which to some people just seems mad. To that inevitable question, 'cup of tea or coffee Rebecca?', I often to reply "Oh no thanks, but I'll have a glass or water or herbal tea if you have one?". Outcast! But Becky- great name! from Teapigs assured me that their spiced winter red tea was caffeine free and had lots of spices. Perfect! I'm there.
When the big box arrived earlier this week I was extremely excited about cracking it open and having a taste after reading many reviews of people saying nothing but glowing comments about it's festive taste.

I decided to whip out the best china (compliments of Jon's mum Gill!) and make a treat of it. Upon opening the box I was extremely impressed to see that the teabags themselves were the fancy kind- the proper Teapig term for this is 'Tea Temples'.  I can count the amount of times I've had a temple style tea bag and they have always- and I mean ALWAYS- been the best teas I've ever had. The way the tea is brewed in the bag really does give the tea the best taste and what I love is that you can see all the ingredients in their purest form.

So no hidden surprises or filler ingredients you can see everything that the ingredients say on the box straight through the tea temple- Rooibos tea, flavours, orange peel, ginko, orange blossom, cinnamon, ginseng root, cloves and safflower. The smell is incredible you really can smell the orange blossom and the cinnamon especially and with the Christmas baubles out it really did conjure up the feeling of Christmas in the house. You really can taste the high quality and unique array of ingredients in this tea with each sip. On the box it does suggest that you can have it with milk, but for me personally I really don't think you need it. Gill had a cup in the afternoon and she had hers with a little trickle of honey and said that was perfect.

This tea is seriously worth a taste if you love all things Christmas'y or if you love a good fruit/ herbal tea. They also have other flavours too here I'm gonna order myself some of the chocolate flake tea next.

The spiced winter red tea is only £4.49 for 15 teabags which I think it's incredibly fantastic value for money or if you just want to give it a little sample they do smaller packs of 2 for £1.19 which I think make really lovely christmas gifts this time of year if you are on a budget. Maybe tying some decorative ribbon around the adorable little boxes? and picking up a cheap vintage china tea cup from a charity shop for nothing and voila! Which is actually what I'm planning to do for some friends who are tea lovers.

Thank you again to the lovely people at Teapigs for making this such an relaxing and enjoyable product for me to review it really has been a pleasure. Put your feet up ladies and take a sip of christmas in a cup.

They have also given all readers a cheeky 20% code to use on their website simply enter ' XMAS13 ' and you can use this before December. I'd love to know what flavours you have tried if you are already a Teapigs fan or what flavours you'd love to try.

10 Nov 2013

Everybody wants to be a cat...

"Everybody wants to be a cat, because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at...."

Personally I'm more of a dog lover but cats on clothing for me are simply just too cute to pass on! I keep thinking to myself these days...I'm getting a bit older now...am I too old to keep wearing this sort of thing? But you know what? This dress never ever fails to make me happy whenever I wear it. I bought it last year from Romwe and I still love it to pieces. I am a massive fan of velvet as a fabric generally. I simply adore the way it looks, the way it feels and with white collars in winter time it is complete perfection in my eyes. 

It's so nice to be blogging again as it's been just so insanely busy with work and also my skin just hasn't been great either. Winter time isn't a kind season for us eczema sufferers and usually it doesn't bother me but lately it has been worse than usual and it bums me out sometimes when I can't wear the things I really love. A good tip I will say though is cardigans and bracelets like below to cover up the patchy redder parts.
I'm also loving my new boots.  I picked them up for virtually nothing from New Look the other week and not only are they so insanely comfortable but they go with pretty much everything in my winter wardrobe! These spotty Pretty Polly tights are new too.

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