30 Nov 2013

Golden Bows, Golden Leaves

'Catching Fire' the new Hunger Games movie has been on mine and Jon's agenda for ages. Both being massive fans of the books and the previous movie we couldn't wait for the next installment. We had a very much needed day off and decided to make a day of it cinema, lunch then shopping. 'Catching Fire'- was seriously amazing!!! I probably enjoyed it more than Gravity this year if I'm honest- which was dubbed this years 'movie of the year'. In my opinion it's one of the best book to movie adaptations in a very long time. There so many books out there that make it to the screen and so much gets lost in translation. I'm looking at you 'The Lovely Bones'- Where the movie is nothing like the beautiful book. Which made me so mad! Why did they bother? Well anyways before I get into a full on rant on why that movie made me so angry, The Hunger Games was awesome and Jennifer Lawrence is just a goddess. I love her.
What do you think of The Cinnamon Slippers new layout? Thoughts? I fancied a change and thought this was rather slick and simple. There are plans in the near future for a complete change but for now this seems rather lovely. 

I picked up these swanky suede shoes in the The House of Fraser sale and they were the last pair and in my size! it must of been fate! They are just beautiful and smell gorgeous too!
 Dress- Cath Kidston
Coat- Dorothy Perkins
Shoes- Melissa
Bag- Bagable


  1. Loving your new blog look hun!! and the shoes are so pretty just like you :) <3


    1. Oh yay! I'm glad you like....was worried people might not like it! xxx thanks hun

  2. My boyfriend and I actually had 0 complaints about Catching Fire, it was incredible. My biggest concern was who they were going to cast for Finnick, but the actor they picked was really, impeccable.

  3. Vcute outfit - love the bag!! :)

    CC x

  4. The new layout is actually really pretty and something different, like a breath of fresh air! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the movie, I still haven't managed to find time to go and see it .. :D PS: you look damn good with that red coat!



  5. Love love love that amazing coat! That little owl purse is just so adorable too, great outfit! xx

  6. Adorable shoes- and love the new blog design!! Alex


  7. I totally agree with you about catching fire! Those shoes are such a pretty colour!

  8. That dress is just so pretty, and your bag is the cutest! x


  9. Hello beautiful lady! I never get over how much red suits you, you look utterly gorgeous!
    Lovely photos, as always!
    I WILL be seeing you next Weekend now, very excited :) xx

  10. Beautiful shoes! I haven't been to see Catching Fire yet but it's on my list of things to do. x

  11. Yes to those shoes!! And I love the dress (what is the pattern?) and coat! And omg funny -- I just bought a new layout for my blog too from the same person (I couldn't resist the markdown), but I'm still not sure if I want to implement it. Might make a test blog and see if I really like it. OH and I would totally agree about The Lovely Bones, since I LOVE the book, but I couldn't even bring myself to see the movie! I adore Stanley Tucci but other than that, I just felt like some things just need to exist only in my head. They are sometimes better that way, I think.

    xox Sammi

  12. Catching fire was indeed beyond amazing - loved every bit of it and annoyingly cried at least 6 times! ha! lovely outfit xxxx

  13. you always have the cutest outfits! i love this red coat, i recently found a perfect winter red coat and i can't wait to wear it!

    lindsey louise


  14. Ooo I'm off to see hunger games tonight!!!! Really enjoyed looking trough your blog today! It's lovely!! Will be back!!!

  15. your outfit is so cute and I love your purse!!! I loved the second Hunger Games movie, too!!! I think I bit all of my nails off!!!!

    love, polly

  16. it was nice to meet you today :)

    I watched catching fire on wednesday and it was amazing. can't wait for the third part :)

    xx Vivi

  17. I love your shoes & bag! those shoes look so soft to the touch. I want to see the new Hunger Games soon. :)

    also, your new blog layout looks excellent.


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