25 Nov 2013

Take a bite of my heart tonight

This would be the first ever designer dress I ever bought and dammit I love it and always will. Sometimes it's nice to go into the shops you love and gaze at the beautiful things you wish you could own and for me that day it was the Betsey Johnson store (when it was still there) in Covent Garden. I think it must of been my lucky day that afternoon as they had a sale rail and out of curiousity I tried this dress on. 

The fit, the fabric, the colours; I really felt that this dress was made for me. I just knew I had to buy it and decided it would be a worthy investment. Lots of you might have seen me wear this dress before on here, as I'm all for recyling outfits when possible but some reason I never shared with you all these shots that were taken ages ago by my friend Jack. 

Dress- Betsey Jonson
Heels- Dorothy Perkins

I simply adore Betsey Johnson's design aesthetic, the use of vibrant colours, the feminine and truly girlie style she creates and the ability for its wearers to feel like a real princess in her creations. There are two dresses I own that instantly transform me and this is one of them. I can't quite explain it, but I think we all have one dress that is precious to us and makes us feel like a million dollars. If this came in white and was a tad longer hell! I'd get married in it!


  1. That dress is truly gorgeous on you!

  2. Oh my that first picture took me breathless! The surrounding and black balloons just make it a whole, not to even talk about how amazing the dress is! That's such a great investment <3



  3. Omg that dres is so beautiful! Amazing colour! :)


  4. Such a gorgeous dress! I Don't usually like purple, but that is stunning!

    Jess | www.wildflowerlondon.co.uk | @whatjessiedid

  5. You pretty girly, you! This is a GORGEOUS dress, Rebecca! I love the colour and the pleated tiered layers, so beautiful! I have dress envy! x

  6. So glad you finally posted these shots! This dress is stunning on you, and of course, Betsey is the queen. You look beautiful!

    xox Sammi

  7. OMG, you look incredible. seriously, the dress is amazing, and your hair..makeup..the works! Perfect!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  8. Oh good lord. Oh my gosh, you look gorgeous <3 Literally the prettiest thing. The purple colour suits you so well, and the photos are just amazing.

  9. Love it...and your blog;-) please do a tutorial on how you do your hive! Please:-)

  10. Oh my gosh it's such a beautiful dress!! I can see why you fell in love with it - and I always think designer pieces are a worthy investment because they just retain that magical feeling you get when you first try it on, whereas sometimes cheaper pieces after you've worn them repeatedly they start to feel a bit old. If that makes any sense I'm rambling a bit! Anyway, you look magical and I love this set of photos :) XX

  11. You look like a princess *_* i love it by my heart <3

  12. That's a beautiful dress and classic too. Great choice!


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