22 Nov 2013

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

"We are going to the Zoo zoo zoo you can come too, too, too!" I cannot remember the last time I went to the zoo. I used to work at London Zoo as a face painter 2/3 years ago and I simply loved it! I couldn't tell you where a single animal actually was while I worked there. As we were permanently attached to the face painting stand and were always busy I never really got to wander about and adventure. So when Jon and I decided to visit our local Kent Zoo 'Howletts' on our day off we were in for treat.

Dress- Dorothy Perkins
Blazer- Primark
Boots- New Look

That morning we committed and booked our tickets online and went on our way for us to only be caught in the worst rainstorm. No exaggeration it was awful the rain didn't stop...usually I'm one of those people who go "oh it'll pass" and it just didn't seem to! It just kept raining and raining and raining.

There was no going back we had spent our money and we wanted to see some animals!!

The upside to going to the zoo when it rains (badly) there is virtually no one else there. The entire ZOO was ours! We were free to roam and look at all the animals- wait?! What animals? all the animals chickened out and went indoors? Yep!The only animals hardcore enough to put on a show for us were the elephants, red river hogs, a single monkey sitting in the rain- I think he was depressed or something?

On our way out after finally being defeated by the rain and lack of animals on display we were pleased to see a single tiger was sitting in the pouring rain on the grass. We rushed over to see him and waved at him like a bunch of 5 years olds. Took a little Jon/ Becky/ Tiger selfie phone snap of him chilling on the grass. (This is us doing our best tiger impression....obviously).

 I was squealing with delight at how beautiful and close it was to us and on the off chance I thought id put my hands up on the glass and well this happened!

It was such a magical moment and I cannot believe we managed to capture it on camera. Cannot wait to go back again soon. x


  1. What a lovely dress! I went to the Detroit zoo over the summer with my boyfriend, I hadn't been since I was ten or so. When we went to the arctic animals exhibit to see the seals, I got so excited I cried haha. I walked away from the experience with a stuffed seal my boyfriend bought me from the gift shop, who's name is Algernon. I think of the zoo fondly.

  2. That shot of the tiger and you looking at each other is AMAZING! What a special moment :3 I am LOVING your hair!

  3. sorry it was so damp for you, but it looks really fun anyway, that final picture is amazing!

  4. Your tiger picture! Ah that's so awesome! That picture is just so great. This looks like such a fun trip. I haven't been to a zoo in ages and this makes me want to take a trip to one.

  5. Ooh I love going to the Zoo! And I adore your coat! It's just so gorgeous Rebecca! x


  6. I love a good Zoo visit! You look super pretty, as always too. Gorgeous thing xx

  7. Great shots! It's funny to see the monkey heads because I just watched Planet of the Apes last night- lol :) Alex


  8. Hope you had a good time at the zoo, you got some lovely photos. Really like your outfit too xx

  9. oh my goodness that tiger :)! I love zoos, I haven't been to one in so very long though. These pictures are so cute and lovely!

  10. That tiger - you are so lucky! Loving the dress too :) xx


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