28 Dec 2013

Same old brand new me, 2013

Another year and what a year it has been! I went through the archives of this year and was so surprised to see that I had red hair this year. I completely forgot and actually questioned myself, was that really this year? How time flies! I did a post like this last year and it's one I look forward to, and also seeing other bloggers highlights too! When I sat down and thought about it I decided to do a little youtube video to reflect on it. I haven't done a video in a very long time, so I figured this would be a nice way to break the ice. 

January February March

Now it sounds ridiculous but if i didn't write a diary, instagram and document my life the way I do I really don't think I would of remembered half the stuff that happened earlier this year. I was flicking through my diary and was astonished to see that we had snow earlier this year! How did I completely forget that? It hit us pretty bad in Kent and that meant for me I had a snow day or two off work to go build snowmen which was fun! I went to London Fashion Week and saw some incredible shows. My baby nephew was born and I started making my own clothes.

April May June

I had a magical photoshoot with the incredible Kitty Gallannaugh which was amazing and she took some of my most favourite shots of all time. The beautiful blossom on the trees was out in full bloom and the bluebells came out in my local woodland. I had a social gathering with lots of University friends up north in Newcastle which was really fun! I had my 26th Birthday in Brighton and it rained all day! Alas I was treated to a fabulous lobster lunch and spoiled with lots of lovely gifts. I won the Miss Patina 'Artist Within' competition which was the best surprise ever! I never thought in a million years I would win and I won the most beautiful dress ever! (June dress!). 

July August September

I think from about July onwards I was on a blogging roll, the weather was glorious and I was working flexible hours at Cath Kidston. This meant I could roam about in the local fields after work documenting what I was wearing which was great. I went to Twinwood Festival which I'm not exaggerating was probably one of my biggest highlights of 2013 for me and one of my favourite blog to photograph and write.
October November December

Now from October that's when it got kind of tricky in Cinnamon land, the hours grew shorter, I started a new job and ran out of time to blog. December was a fantastic month as I got to go to the Christmas Bath blogger meet up which was lovely as I got to see lots of fellow bloggers and have a wonder around the market and museum. 

So here's to a new year, a new start and thank you so much to all of you who read The Cinnamon Slipper. You really have no idea what that means to me that you keep coming back time and time again. I have received some really lovely messages and comments from people all over the world in the past year. I treasure so many of your words and I honestly and truly thank you for it!

x Rebecca 

27 Dec 2013

Have yourself a merry little christmas

I cannot believe Christmas day has officially been and gone. All those weeks of build up, shopping, music, festive jumpers and preparation are now over....sigh. It was a really lovely day and not to mention exhausting! Why does Christmas make you so tired? Maybe it's because I ate an insane amount, played lots of games, got merry, and travelled the day before for 3 hours driving amongst all the Christmas commuters. Here are some of my favorite snaps I took of the day. One of favourite presents had to be my very own Cambridge Satchel I got from Jonathan.

19 Dec 2013

London Calling

Saturday was Jon's and my four year anniversary and we had to planned to go into London Town for the day. Jonathan surprised me with tickets to go see "The Book of Mormon"- which by the way was AMAZING! So so funny! We decided to go visit the embankment Christmas market first- which was just insane. Note to those going: do no go on a Saturday!

It was insanely busy, heaving with tourists and families and we couldn't see a thing on any of the stalls. We did manage to get a cheeky hot chocolate and catch a glimpse of a seriously awesome Santa (although the magical illusion and wonder was shattered by his wheeling and dealing of collecting £2 for photos- would the Santa real do that?...hmm)

Dress- Miss Selfridge
Boots- New Look

This is the second time I have worn this dress by Miss Selfrdige. The first time was for the work Christmas party and it it's just perfect for the festive season with all its sequins and beading. I look around at so many 'party dresses' this season -!: Not mention my eczema has been horrendous this winter and I was in desperate need of a dress with long sleeves for a cover up. It is quite the pricey dress but such a worthy investment with its delicate and detailed bead work and sheer loveliness! I think I might wear it on Christmas Day if I'm feeling fancy!

I always forget how incredible london is sometimes. I will admit the city loses its sparkle and allure commuting to and from it everyday for work, but when you take a moment to look at some of the sights you still go "wow, Big Ben really is huge isn't it?!".

x R

15 Dec 2013

Winter Wonderland by night

These Winter Wonderland snaps have been sitting on my camera for nearly two weeks now and I just had to finally share them with you. The day before we planned to go to Winter Wonderland my new camera arrived and I just couldn't wait to use it. After months of saving and reading various reviews I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to a new Canon. My previous Canon has seen me through some good times but it was now time to get serious a go for a change. I've learnt lots and progressed with my photography skills over the past year and felt it worth investing in my biggest passion and hobby. 

Jonathan and I go to Winter Wonderland every year and we always find it better at night time.  We have yet to go during the daytime but with all the lights it definitely makes for a romantic evening. We drank mulled wine and hot chocolate, ate hog roast and chips and looked at all the pretty lights...I really think this year was the best one yet.

12 Dec 2013

Tis the season

You can't beat the smell of fresh Christmas trees in the air and the hussle of and bussle of all the busy shoppers. I've still got a few more bits to buy then I'm done and on this particular day we were picking something up for Jon's Mum. I made this skirt back in the summer time and decided to whip it out once again and make it 'winter' friendly with a simple white shirt from Uniqlo. 

I've been so preoccupied with work that I've neglected my sewing projects recently. I still have a half finished dress currently sitting on my mannequin that I really need to finish. I can't wait to show it when it's done...(hint: it's a special Alice in Wonderland fabric all the way from Malaysia)! Our local garden centre had the most wonderful display of christmas decorations and giant fluffy reindeer on sale. It really did get me into the Christmas spirit.
 Shirt- Uniqlo
Skirt- Handmade
Shoes- Ebay
Coat- Dorothy Perkins

9 Dec 2013

Midnight Ink

Midnight Ink is the perfect way to describe the tone of this rich royal blue velvet on the fabulous new dress by Moddolly. When Mod Dolly relaunched the other month with a brand new look and new collection I was in love with so many of Amy's new creations. The tartan smocks called out to me, but amongst the new look book there was a dress that stood out for me more than anything: the blue velvet smock.

Like I said the other month I am a massive lover of velvet- it is such a rich and luxurious fabric that deserves more credit; I love wearing it in the colder months and royal blue has to be my favourite shade it comes in. It's not an easy fabric to work with and make things from though (I have tried!), so when I saw this I pre-ordered it the moment it was available to buy. The wait was worth it, arriving one chilly morning to be received by one happy, velvet fevered, white collar loving girl.

Wearing it for the Bath blogger meet up seemed like the perfect occasion. Did I mention that Mod Dolly also enclosed a very surprise pair of glitter ears too- such an unexpected surprise! They instantly put me in a great mood and I wore them to winter wonderland that week and got lots of compliments from sparkly ear loving people! Naturally being attached to them by the end of the week I had to wear them on that day too! I think they go great with the look.

Smock- Mod Dolly
Boots- Boot Fair
Sparkly Ears- Crown and Glory

Big thank you to Stephanie for taking these snaps. x
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