9 Dec 2013

Midnight Ink

Midnight Ink is the perfect way to describe the tone of this rich royal blue velvet on the fabulous new dress by Moddolly. When Mod Dolly relaunched the other month with a brand new look and new collection I was in love with so many of Amy's new creations. The tartan smocks called out to me, but amongst the new look book there was a dress that stood out for me more than anything: the blue velvet smock.

Like I said the other month I am a massive lover of velvet- it is such a rich and luxurious fabric that deserves more credit; I love wearing it in the colder months and royal blue has to be my favourite shade it comes in. It's not an easy fabric to work with and make things from though (I have tried!), so when I saw this I pre-ordered it the moment it was available to buy. The wait was worth it, arriving one chilly morning to be received by one happy, velvet fevered, white collar loving girl.

Wearing it for the Bath blogger meet up seemed like the perfect occasion. Did I mention that Mod Dolly also enclosed a very surprise pair of glitter ears too- such an unexpected surprise! They instantly put me in a great mood and I wore them to winter wonderland that week and got lots of compliments from sparkly ear loving people! Naturally being attached to them by the end of the week I had to wear them on that day too! I think they go great with the look.

Smock- Mod Dolly
Boots- Boot Fair
Sparkly Ears- Crown and Glory

Big thank you to Stephanie for taking these snaps. x


  1. Oh I love that colour on you. So gutted I couldn't make it in to town on Saturday, would have been great to meet you all! X

  2. You look just lovely in that velvet dress, and those sparkly ears are too cute!

  3. What a lovely dress! You look too cute with that headband on. ♡


  4. Looks utterly perfect on you miss!

  5. This dress really is awesome! I love that shade of blue so much and it looks like such a cozy dress too. I love the ears headband they sent with it. Adorable.

  6. Such a pretty outfit, the velvet & navy go so well together. You looked just so wonderful on Saturday & it was really such a pleasure to meet you x

  7. You look gorgeous Rebecca, those cat ears are just adorable! x


  8. Oooh love this smock dress (I wish I could wear that shape! You lucky, petite thing, you!), and the ears are wonderful!!!

    xox Sammi

  9. Love the dress and you looked so cute in the ears on Sat!
    I was rather tempted by this ModDolly dress as well but smocks don't really suit me, which is a shame as I'm a big fan of velvet and love the collar.

  10. I really like your hair. I love how you have such a neat beehive. I like velvet, but it always feels a little uncomfortable to me, just a little too heavy perhaps? Despite that I'm wearing a velvet shirt in my most recent blog post! The dress really suits you though.

  11. I love that kind of dresses <3 You look so adorable & that haircut <3 Aw, amazing!

  12. That dress is divine, really! and I'm particularly fond of velvet.

  13. You are just the cutest, that dress is a must-have right now <3



  14. I loooooooooooove velvet, its such a luxurious fabric but of course because of where I live there is none of it in my wardrobe! This dress looks so Christmassy and comfortable :D


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