27 Jan 2014

Back to basics

Do my eyes deceive me? Am I? Is she? What? Yes, I'm wearing trousers. One of the only three pairs that I own- Yes I own jogging bottoms for well...jogging and lounging about, but dresses and skirts do it for me 95% of the time. Everyone's got a body hang up mine would have to be my thighs. I'm bottom heavy and I just feel I don't look right in them. "Don't be so stupid! you silly girl" my boyfriend and Mum will say. Call me crazy but we've all got a 'thing' and I guess mine would be that. Wearing heels works wonders if you are short and a little curvier like me, naturally elongating the legs. I was feeling brave that Saturday morning and decided to take the plunge and wear these fabulous trousers I picked up last year in the Miss Selfridge sale. Sometimes it's nice to just strip back and go well...back to basics.

Blouse- Forever 21 Trouser- Miss Selfridge Heels- New Look Necklace- Tatty Devine
I've started going for jogs recently- which has been hard as I really loathe going early in the morning and generally I'm a bit crap at it. But once I'm going I'm fine and also with a decent playlist definitely gets me going. I'm currently updating my jogging playlist right now and decided to add some Ricky Martin to it. 'She bangs' is a good running track right? What are your favourite workout tracks? I'd love to know!

25 Jan 2014

I left my heart at Ladurée

I simply adore days just like the one I just had on Wednesday. Perfect company, a few rays of sunshine, a slight chill in air, tasty sweet treats, giggles and then the evening going to the cinema with Jonathan. I had the pleasure that day of meeting up with the wonderful Kitty once again. If you're not already familiar with Miss Gallannaugh's work then be sure to take a peek here. In short her work and creative vision is nothing short of breathtaking and pure magic. I met Kitty in the Spring of last year on a shoot and I simply clicked with her straight away. I simply adore her company, she really is such a kind and gentle soul with a wonderful outlook on life and is so easy to talk to.

We went to have cakes and cocktails at Covent Garden's Ladurée. I've been to one in Paris where I got macaroons to go (it's all about the salted caramel) and the Harrods one but never taken the time to sit in and really soak up the Ladurée Parisian experience. When arriving we had the option to either dine inside or out; as the sun came out that very moment and we were feeling adventurous we dined outside and it was perfect. 
The menu is quite extensive and incredibly difficult to choose from because everything sounds amazing!  After a lot of painstaking deliberation we went with non-alcoholic, delightfully refreshing and sweet apple mojitos to start followed by cakes. Kitty had a chocolate eclair and I went for a fresh raspberry patisserie filled with a rich passion fruit creme. I highly recommend if you ever go to try that one as it really was like a little slice of heaven on a plate. (My mouth just watered a little writing the description of that!).  Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my keyboard...

Shirt- Ebay Dress- Terminal D Satchel- Camden Market

21 Jan 2014

Oh my Pumpkin pie!

Now it's said you should never play favourites with dresses (or is that children?) but this dress is really up there with my top favourites. I think that pretty much any quirky, print-loving blogger girl owns this dress. I read and see so many instagram posts of pictures of other girls wearing it (mostly girls from the US) and had serious dress envy. Even after all that I think this really does live up to the hype.

I fell in love with this dress ages and ages ago early last year, but was reluctant to buy it and splash out; quite a bit of money for the dress, coupled with the overseas shipping costs (as Modcloth is an American website) meant it was a risky little treat. If it didn't fit I'd have to send it back and it would just generally be a nightmare. I read several reviews and size guides and I just forever pined for it, then it sold out! The the perfect pie dress was no more! I was simply devastated! Then almost like magic I got an e-mail with a discount code for my contribution to their style gallery- (which please do check and follow me! I would love to win their comp!!) and the pie dress was back! Taking the plunge, I ordered and was surprised how soon it arrived.

Dress- Modcloth Cardigan- Primark Heels- New Look
I held my breath as I tried it on- I am a very fussy dresser and know exactly what works for me and what doesn't. Having a very small waist and larger hips lots of things don't fit or look right and sometimes I will end up it altering myself. I was so relieved it fit perfectly and I mean it really does feel as if this dress was made for my body shape and me! I got so many compliments on Sunday when I wore it and also felt it was appropriate to wear on television when I did my presenting slot in the evening for the sewing show.

I am rather partial to a novelty print and come on it has PIES ALL OVER IT?! I love pie so much and I think my favourite fillings would have to be either cherry or a traditional apple! mmmm….with custard naturally. What's your favourite? x

18 Jan 2014

I'm like a bird

What a lovely Saturday today has been and hurray no rain! I planned to photograph what I was wearing on my day off earlier in the week but there was serious rain in Kent that day. Gutted! So instead I ended up going to the cinema to see 'American Hustle'. Pretty cool film, if anything just to revel in my mega girl-crush of Jennifer Lawrence- who is probably the coolest thing ever to happen to Hollywood in years. The girl just oozes coolness.
I don't like to leave it so long in between posts but I guess sometimes it's just not meant to be is it? I picked up this simple tea dress in the sales last year from Dorothy Perkins and just loved the print of the crane birds all over it. It's quite oriental- and naturally I'm all about embracing the 'oriental-ness' in me and it's also a nice winter/summer transitional dress.
Dress- Dorothy Perkins Blazer- Talbots  Shoes- Gifted from Aunty Jacquie 
Satchel- Camden Market Necklace- Topshop

I'm already loving 2014 so much more already than last year. I've made lots of plans for the year, lots of goals and lots of changes. I'm also extremely excited as Jonathan and I have booked a holiday to go away to Greece in May. I cannot express how insanely excited I am for it- 123 days and counting! It's nice to finally have something to look forward to and get excited about as we didn't go away last year. I'm gonna put myself out there more this year and achieve lots of new and exciting experiences. I've decided this is the year I am going to achieve my dreams and not let 'the fear' get in the way. What are you plans for this year? x

12 Jan 2014

Whitstable wishes

Whitstable, Whitstable, Whitstable how you always manage to steal my seaside heart time and time again. The Cinnamon Slipper is no stranger to Whitstable getting featured, this must possibly be my 4th or 5th outfit/lifestyle post here. My bestie Sandy and I try to meet up as much as we can and this time we decided on something different. It usually involves shopping around London town and hitting Ed's diner for milkshakes and a natter (See here for our last visit!) but Sandy has never been to Kent so I took her in my car on a little roadtrip to Whitstable. We got there quite late in the afternoon and the fish and chip shop I planned on taking her to was closed and the other chippy closed at 4pm! Why Whitstable, why?
I think my favourite trend of 2013/2014 has to have been the tartan phase. I've always been a massive lover of tartan and when Mod Dolly announced they were having a sale in the new year I just prayed that some of their tartan dresses might be in the mix. When I saw this smock dress in the sale for such an amazing price I knew I had to snap it up right away.

I simply adore peter pan collars- (what's there not to love about them? ) and smock style dresses are the most flattering shape for us pear shaped girlies. I have simply fallen in love with my new Luna Moon necklace that Jonathan bought me from Tatty Devine. It was such a magical surprise he gave me the other week and I've already worn it 4 times since. I first saw it on the lovely Kristabel back in December when she was wearing it at the Bath blogger meet up and I was just fell in love with it.

Without a doubt the best shop in Whitstable that I always love wandering around in has to be The Whiting Post. This shop blows my mind every time with its beautiful displays, stunning dresses and fantastic merchandise. I tried on the most stunning Bernie Dexter dress that I was so very tempted to buy and might just have to on the next pay day.
 Dress- Mod Dolly 
Shoes- Office
Satchel- Camden Market
Necklace- Tatty Devine
Jacket- H & M

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