1 Jan 2014

Ducks and raindrops

Yesterday was wet! It seemed like a perfectly good day for a spot of blogging and then as soon as we arrived at the duck pond it started absolutely chucking it downI'm not usually one for not taking photos during the rain because it just doesn't seem to work, does it? I figured though, since we'd got the bread, we'd gone all that way and the ducks had bothered come too, why not make the most of it? I'm all for experimenting and trying to photograph in the different elements. I picked up this bright evergreen alpaca jumper from Uniqlo in the sales for £9.90 the day before which I just couldn't resist. I saw it before it went in the sales and loved the colour. I don't think you can get enough of knitwear in winter time and a colour as vibrant as this makes a delightful addition to any wardrobe.

Coat- Zara
Jumper- Uniqlo
Shirt- Uniqlo Customized with Iron on patches
Skirt- Charity shop
Brogues- Clarks

I think I was channeling my inner Cher from 'Clueless' this day with the skirt, the jumper and the shirt. I am extremely pleased with how my fish collar turned out- which by the way is a total DIY job! I found these adorable embroidered iron-on fish patches in my local haberdashery shop and thought they would look fabulous on a shirt collar tip. Unfortunately they weren't mirrored so I settled on having one fish upside down which I think still works. I've forever been lusting after the Victoria Beckham and Miu Miu novelty collars with the swans, naked women and cats on. At this present time I'm not really in the market to spend that much on a dress so a budget version you can do yourself like this I think looks equally cool. Not bad for £2 pair of iron-on fish and a crisp shirt from Uniqlo.


  1. You look wonderful Rebecca! I adore your pastel coat, and that satchel is just lovely! x


  2. Love your outfit -especially the fish!

  3. Ah this is adorable! I love the fish collar, and you are definitely channeling Cher! That green looks fabulous on you, too. I kind of love that it turned out to be raining -- it's perfect for the ducks and fish theme! Happy New Year, my lovely!

    xox Sammi

  4. Gorgeous outfit , especially love the brogues! :) Happy New Year!

  5. such a cute outfit - you look lovely! and you're collar is the most adorable thing! xx

  6. What a lovely outfit! I can't get over how cute that collar is. Never knew pink and green can look this well. ♡♡♡


  7. Cute little ducks! We don't have duck ponds around where I live, but we have geese ponds! I love how you've matched that gorgeous sweater with the pink coat - very pretty!

  8. This outfit is wonderful! I could actually put together a really similar one with items I have. I have a green sweater really similar to yours and it's such a pretty shade of green. I love how yours looks with the plaid skirt and wonderful pink coat. Adorable!

  9. I have a serious hair envy right now! You are the cutest mod girl!

  10. wow! where did you find that lovely place? <3 yay, so beautiful! i usally dont take photos during rain. maybe once or twice but it was so coold !!! although you look charming & lovely and that look stole my heart, definitely :)
    happy new year becca <3

  11. The fish collar is a great idea, it looks so cute.
    I'm never sure about taking pictures in the rain, I'm too little afraid to get my camera wet! But the rain can be so beautiful. I'll have to practice how to carry my umbrella and take a photo at the same time :)

    ~ K

  12. What a great outfit! I love the checked skirt with the green, I may have to steal this look for work. :)
    Great end picture with the ducks marching too! xxx

  13. Such a stunning outfit, and beautiful photographs! Happy to be your newest follower :)

  14. Lovely outfit Rebecca! I love the customised shirt. happy new year!

    Emma Xx


  15. Even in the rain you manage to look so put together! I haven't gone to feed ducks in years but I really want to do it now for old time's sake, haha :)

  16. Such a perfect outfit! Probably my fav one of yours so far! :)


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