18 Jan 2014

I'm like a bird

What a lovely Saturday today has been and hurray no rain! I planned to photograph what I was wearing on my day off earlier in the week but there was serious rain in Kent that day. Gutted! So instead I ended up going to the cinema to see 'American Hustle'. Pretty cool film, if anything just to revel in my mega girl-crush of Jennifer Lawrence- who is probably the coolest thing ever to happen to Hollywood in years. The girl just oozes coolness.
I don't like to leave it so long in between posts but I guess sometimes it's just not meant to be is it? I picked up this simple tea dress in the sales last year from Dorothy Perkins and just loved the print of the crane birds all over it. It's quite oriental- and naturally I'm all about embracing the 'oriental-ness' in me and it's also a nice winter/summer transitional dress.
Dress- Dorothy Perkins Blazer- Talbots  Shoes- Gifted from Aunty Jacquie 
Satchel- Camden Market Necklace- Topshop

I'm already loving 2014 so much more already than last year. I've made lots of plans for the year, lots of goals and lots of changes. I'm also extremely excited as Jonathan and I have booked a holiday to go away to Greece in May. I cannot express how insanely excited I am for it- 123 days and counting! It's nice to finally have something to look forward to and get excited about as we didn't go away last year. I'm gonna put myself out there more this year and achieve lots of new and exciting experiences. I've decided this is the year I am going to achieve my dreams and not let 'the fear' get in the way. What are you plans for this year? x


  1. cute outfit, love the bag


  2. Such a lovely dress and love the bag too pretty girl! :) xx


  3. This dress looks so so pretty on you! It's a gorgeous fit and great print. I love the red bag and bright blue shoes you paired with it too. You look wonderful. I'm glad 2014 is going well for you so far!

  4. this outfit is gorgeous!


  5. You look stunning Rebecca, and the pattern of your dress is just so gorgeous! x


  6. Wow you look absolutely stunning. What gorgeous pictures!

  7. Really stunning dress, it looks gorgeous on you. And I love the shoes too, so different.
    Exciting about your holiday! I've been counting mine down since over 350 days - now we're down to 66 days! :)

  8. Il love your outfit, fitting the hairstyle so great ! I Wonder where is this little street as its so wonderful it makes me want to go There for a walk !
    Have a Nice sunday,


  9. That dress and those SHOES! Adorable! Alex


  10. Really absolutely gorgeous dress, totally adore! x

  11. I'm such a sucker for a satchel and that red one is amazing!! Love the dress too. Great look. :D


  12. I LOVE that dress. Eee! And you are so gorgeous. New Follower :)


  13. you look beautiful! i love that dress and those heels are perfect with it! very cool indeed!

  14. This looks lovely! I think you would look great in some of our vintage dresses :)
    Becky x


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