21 Jan 2014

Oh my Pumpkin pie!

Now it's said you should never play favourites with dresses (or is that children?) but this dress is really up there with my top favourites. I think that pretty much any quirky, print-loving blogger girl owns this dress. I read and see so many instagram posts of pictures of other girls wearing it (mostly girls from the US) and had serious dress envy. Even after all that I think this really does live up to the hype.

I fell in love with this dress ages and ages ago early last year, but was reluctant to buy it and splash out; quite a bit of money for the dress, coupled with the overseas shipping costs (as Modcloth is an American website) meant it was a risky little treat. If it didn't fit I'd have to send it back and it would just generally be a nightmare. I read several reviews and size guides and I just forever pined for it, then it sold out! The the perfect pie dress was no more! I was simply devastated! Then almost like magic I got an e-mail with a discount code for my contribution to their style gallery- (which please do check and follow me! I would love to win their comp!!) and the pie dress was back! Taking the plunge, I ordered and was surprised how soon it arrived.

Dress- Modcloth Cardigan- Primark Heels- New Look
I held my breath as I tried it on- I am a very fussy dresser and know exactly what works for me and what doesn't. Having a very small waist and larger hips lots of things don't fit or look right and sometimes I will end up it altering myself. I was so relieved it fit perfectly and I mean it really does feel as if this dress was made for my body shape and me! I got so many compliments on Sunday when I wore it and also felt it was appropriate to wear on television when I did my presenting slot in the evening for the sewing show.

I am rather partial to a novelty print and come on it has PIES ALL OVER IT?! I love pie so much and I think my favourite fillings would have to be either cherry or a traditional apple! mmmm….with custard naturally. What's your favourite? x


  1. This dress is just adorable and the photos are lovely too. x

  2. Ahh this looks so gorgeous on you! I love so many dresses on Modcloth, but the import fees always put me off. I had to pay £16 once for a dress that cost me £20 :( Wahhh!!

  3. I think all I can reall say is.. Exquisite! Just thought I'd check up on all my fave blogs on bloglovin and saw the first picture to this first. First thought "Does that dress really have a pie print?". It's gorgeous, even the cut and the shape just adds to it and the way you've styled it is lovely. Think I need a pie dress in my life!

    Love Vanessa xx


  4. Oh my that dress is lovely, such a cute pattern! x


  5. it is such a lovely dress, indeed :)

  6. wow! what an awesome dress! you look gorgeous in it! also, what a great place for pics! i love a good blueberry pie, myself! :)

  7. Oh you utter stunner. How pretty the photos are, just looks a wonderful pretty day, with a very pretty dress xx

  8. I was eyeing up this dress for ages too but I never got up the guts to take the plunge. I'm so glad you did because it looks amazing on you! I love how simply you have style it, the neutral shoes and matchy cardigan really make the dress stand out xo

  9. Such a nice dress! Beautiful colours!

  10. Yet another wonderful dress! You just pull the out the bag every post!

  11. That dress is absolutely adorable! You look so sweet =)


  12. this dress is absolutely perfect! the pie print has absolutely won me over.

    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  13. love that dress! you look lovely with it!!

  14. This is dress is so unique and so you!! I love it Gisforgingers xx

  15. Such a beautiful dress. Modcloth has some gorgeous dresses but like you say the shipping, returns, blah blah blah is just so much trouble that sometimes you don't bother. I have a dress that I have been eyeing on their website for ages but I don't buy it because of the shipping and the tax fees... :(

    Pies is a pretty unique and awesome print. You have just reminded me of custard... I miss custard :(

  16. ahh this is adorable! You look so cute :)
    Love the blog, and just started following you

    Hannah xx

  17. I've been so tempted to get this dress but like others have said, the import fees just put me off ordering from Modcloth.

  18. SO glad you finally got this dress!!! It needed to be in your closet, my friend. And it looks perfect on you. <3

    xox Sammi


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