28 Feb 2014

Swap Shop Party

Monday was such a fantastic evening and the wonderful Paige invited me as her plus one for the Voucher Code Swap Shop Party. Paige, Adora and I all met up with our unwanted goods in hope of finding some new and exciting buried treasure. All you had to do was bring along five items of clothing, accessories or shoes to swap in exchange for stamps for other peoples clothes. Your clothes got rated different stamps for what brand they were and condition etc. I brought along quite a mixed bag of stuff that I previously loved and managed to rack up lots of lovely stamps.

We ate cupcakes- (well I did!) fried chicken from Mother Clucker, scanned through the rails and we all managed to find some incredible goodies. I got the most gorgeous pair of red patent shoes, two dresses, a jacket, a coat, a maxi skirt and I picked up fellow gal pal blogger Becky Bedbug's old red hat!

It was such a fantastic evening and I was so impressed with the food, music, photobooth- yes we all got a little bit too excited by the unlimted amount you could print! Not only that, it was a very special chance to finally meet up with Paige after writing letters and having been in touch since last year. We all got stuck in towards the end of the evening with some embellishment set up by 'Pinned it! Made it' team with customising some tights with jewels and beads. Paige and Adora designed cat tights, where I went for a more plainer look. Which I have actually worn since and really loved the results.

I think what I loved most about the event and what I found so satisfying was seeing other people with my old clothes. Some old dresses that have now gone onto a new home where they will be loved and cherished all over again. x

25 Feb 2014

F is for friendship

I just had to share with you all the most wonderful package that arrived in the post on the weekend. The wonderful Sammi from 'The Soubrette Brunette' celebrated her blog's first birthday recently and I won the most incredible bunch of goodies in her blog birthday giveaway. I always enter most blog giveaways because...well why not? But I never thought in a million years I'd win this one (and it was a really good one I might add!). I'd been a strong follower of Sammi's blog since she started and have always been a fan of her incredible wardrobe. We've stayed in touch and message one another links to things the other might love, or discount codes, or general messages of things we are lusting after.

I think if I was to raid the wardrobe of any blogger on the net it would have to be Sammi's, hands down. We both have the same taste in quirky, crazy and kitsch printed dresses and do tend to end up buying the same dresses too- the milkshake dress and the pie dress to name a few. If you're not familiar with her blog I do suggest you take a look! (Her 'Friday Favourites' are also not to be missed! She manages to find the cutest stuff on the net!).

Thank you again to Sammi for hosting this incredible giveaway! The second part has yet to arrive- the other prize was a $50 Modcloth voucher and I chose an incredible telephone skirt which I have been pining for ever since Sammi shared a photo of it her Instagram. Speaking of giveaways I will be having one soon also!

I'm really looking forward to it!

It's a sewing related one!

So if you've thought of taking up sewing or starting it's one you will most definitely want to enter.

22 Feb 2014

We kissed, I fell under your spell

Jumper- Primark | Skirt- Primark | Boots- New Look | Pearls- (Mum's!) | Satchel-Cambridge Satchel Co
I have a thing about red lipstick, the way it looks, the way it smells the way it makes you feel when you wear it. I just adore it! I have a few favourites and the Kate Moss- Rimmel one is a firm favourite of mine. So it will come as no surprise that I also had to add this adorable jumper to my lip print collection while I was wondering around Primark the other week. At present I have a dress and a blouse and now this little knitted beauty. It would come as no surprise that this has been a firm favourite amongst the blogger community as it's just gorgeous and at only £14, it's a must. If you want to see two of my favourites ways it's been styled I suggest seeing the lovely Megan and Olivia's posts too!

These photos- I am very proud to say- were taken my younger brother Trin who is...wait for it...only 12! Yep and he shot in manual mode too! I am so ridiculously proud of him. We decided to shoot in this beautiful spot in Bristol while I was back home and we had a blast. It really was the most perfect day together. I took a few moments teaching him how to hold the camera, and how to make sure it focused, what to press (and what not to!) and I helped him along the way. Trin has always expressed an interest in photography- the boy is only 12 and has quite the few hundred followers on Instagram!). I also took photos of him too and just couldn't believe how ridiculously grown up he has gotten. I actually squealed at him when looking at the preview screen, "when did you turn into a man child TRIN?!" Ha it was so funny we really did have a giggle and if that wasn't great enough a squirrel popped out across the path to visit us. I couldn't believe how close he came up to us long enough for me to get some snaps of him. After a lovely trip around Clifton we headed off to the cinema to see 'Her' while munching down on lots of chocolate.

17 Feb 2014

Pancakes, Milkshakes and Train tracks...

She's baaaack! My goodness it's been a long time since I last posted, in fact this has been the longest break in between posts I've ever done. Thank you for still visiting though and for some of your messages asking where I've been; it's always nice to be missed! It's been a busy week or so and not to mention I've been pretty unlucky with my days off. Every time I've had a potential day to shoot we've had torrential rain and the other day I had a chance to shoot I just wasn't feeling it. Typical! That's the thing really, I was discussing this with Stephanie yesterday- I just blog for fun like Steph, as a hobby because I love to do it. The moment it stops becoming fun and becomes a chore that's when you have to evaluate why you're doing it. I'm also a perfectionist which is both a blessing and a curse at times. If it's not right and the content isn't how I imagined it I just won't post it. As other bloggers out there what are your thoughts on this?

Dress- ASOS | Fedora- ASOS | Boots- New Look | Necklace- Tatty Devine

Well Sunday was one of the most fabulous days I've had in ages. I had planned to meet up with the lovely Stephanie from 'Stephanie Dreams' which I had been looking forward to for ages. I have been corresponding with Stephanie since last summer and we then finally met at the Bath Blogger meet up in December and got along instantly. I tend to go back and visit my family every other month or so, so we planned on meeting in my hometown of Bristol when I next made my way home.

Whenever I get back home to Bristol I always seem to forget how beautiful it really is. There are so many different areas that bring back so many memories for me. If you're a fashion blogger in Bristol you are extremely lucky as it's full of fabulous backdrops. I knew as soon I saw what Stephanie was wearing that morning we should head to the docks. The abandoned train tracks overlooking the water would make for a perfect setting.

I picked this dress up in the ASOS sale in December and when it arrived I did question whether the fit was right on me, as from some angles it did appear quite maternity-ish. Alas, since then I've kinda got over it and it's a lovely little go to dress and I simply adore the toile china style print on it.

After shooting one another's outfits lunch was definitely in order so we headed to Bristol's famous Rocotillo's Diner. Renowned for their incredible milkshakes- used with real Ben and Jerry's ice cream- Rocotillo's is a dream for anyone in the mood for a milkshakey treat; if you pay an extra £1 you can also opt for it to be extra thick! I went for my usual Cookie Dough shake and Steph opted for the Peanut Butter. For food we both went for the american style buttermilk pancakes with bacon, eggs swimming with sickly sweet maple syrup. Just looking back at these photos makes me want to eat that meal all over again! If you're ever in Bristol and love a really good milkshake and authentic american food Rockotillo's really is brilliant.

To finish off the day he headed to Primark to scope out the latest Spring arrivals. Bristol Primark is probably my favourite one to shop in- that and the new Tottenham Court flagship one. Stephanie picked up lots of Disney gear for her Honeymoon and we also bought matching skirts too that we both fell in love with. No doubt you'll see what goodies I picked up soon.
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