1 Feb 2014

My Trip to the Mod Dolly studio

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of visiting the Mod Dolly Studio in London town. This is where all the magic happens and where all the pretty dresses and Mod Dolly creations are made by hand. By hand! Yes, everything is designed by Amy herself, cut and sewn and made to order. There are very few clothing companies these days that have this special quality. I am all for supporting true and original craftsmanship; rare and precious qualities inherent in Mod Dolly's work which mean all of their clothes are truly one of a kind.

Here is the lady herself Amy- who I discovered has so many things in common with me. Both half asian, both of us shared bunk beds with our sisters in our teenage years, love apple and cola haribo pin-balls the most, Sabrina the Teenage Witch fans and many more things more! Scary stuff! She really is a diamond and an incredibly savvy business woman too.

It really is a lovely little studio that has injections of Amy's personality scattered all around it. From the Harujuku girl figurines in the corner, to the epic hamburger phone, to sporadic scatterings of cupcakes to the artistic photos adorning every wall. I got to have a look at the next Autumn Winter 2014 collection and there really is some fantastic pieces we can expect later in the year.


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing day! That hamburger phone is just the coolest! x


  2. Aaw, this looks so lovely! Can you imagine working somewhere that cute?

  3. That looks really cool. That top photo wins it for me because I love boaters! It looks really cosy there. Did you come away with new dresses?

  4. OMG the hamburger phone! I so want one of these :)

    Mod Dolly is a lovely little brand and they make some adorable clothing items. My favourite of which is the space print skirt which I managed to snag in the sale! It is wonderfully made and makes me smile just thinking about wearing it.

    I'm envious of your visit but I love the little look around you show here.


  5. Lucky girl! :)
    I love the way you style Amy's dresses, and I must admit I am now a fan partly because your posts! :)

  6. I didn't realise they hand made everything to order, that's so impressive! Mod Dolly make some really pretty clothes, I'm jealous of your visit :) xx

  7. this looks like such a creative studio!


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