17 Feb 2014

Pancakes, Milkshakes and Train tracks...

She's baaaack! My goodness it's been a long time since I last posted, in fact this has been the longest break in between posts I've ever done. Thank you for still visiting though and for some of your messages asking where I've been; it's always nice to be missed! It's been a busy week or so and not to mention I've been pretty unlucky with my days off. Every time I've had a potential day to shoot we've had torrential rain and the other day I had a chance to shoot I just wasn't feeling it. Typical! That's the thing really, I was discussing this with Stephanie yesterday- I just blog for fun like Steph, as a hobby because I love to do it. The moment it stops becoming fun and becomes a chore that's when you have to evaluate why you're doing it. I'm also a perfectionist which is both a blessing and a curse at times. If it's not right and the content isn't how I imagined it I just won't post it. As other bloggers out there what are your thoughts on this?

Dress- ASOS | Fedora- ASOS | Boots- New Look | Necklace- Tatty Devine

Well Sunday was one of the most fabulous days I've had in ages. I had planned to meet up with the lovely Stephanie from 'Stephanie Dreams' which I had been looking forward to for ages. I have been corresponding with Stephanie since last summer and we then finally met at the Bath Blogger meet up in December and got along instantly. I tend to go back and visit my family every other month or so, so we planned on meeting in my hometown of Bristol when I next made my way home.

Whenever I get back home to Bristol I always seem to forget how beautiful it really is. There are so many different areas that bring back so many memories for me. If you're a fashion blogger in Bristol you are extremely lucky as it's full of fabulous backdrops. I knew as soon I saw what Stephanie was wearing that morning we should head to the docks. The abandoned train tracks overlooking the water would make for a perfect setting.

I picked this dress up in the ASOS sale in December and when it arrived I did question whether the fit was right on me, as from some angles it did appear quite maternity-ish. Alas, since then I've kinda got over it and it's a lovely little go to dress and I simply adore the toile china style print on it.

After shooting one another's outfits lunch was definitely in order so we headed to Bristol's famous Rocotillo's Diner. Renowned for their incredible milkshakes- used with real Ben and Jerry's ice cream- Rocotillo's is a dream for anyone in the mood for a milkshakey treat; if you pay an extra £1 you can also opt for it to be extra thick! I went for my usual Cookie Dough shake and Steph opted for the Peanut Butter. For food we both went for the american style buttermilk pancakes with bacon, eggs swimming with sickly sweet maple syrup. Just looking back at these photos makes me want to eat that meal all over again! If you're ever in Bristol and love a really good milkshake and authentic american food Rockotillo's really is brilliant.

To finish off the day he headed to Primark to scope out the latest Spring arrivals. Bristol Primark is probably my favourite one to shop in- that and the new Tottenham Court flagship one. Stephanie picked up lots of Disney gear for her Honeymoon and we also bought matching skirts too that we both fell in love with. No doubt you'll see what goodies I picked up soon.


  1. Eee I love this post so much! Stephanie seems like such a lovely person and you two are adorable together! I know what you mean re: being a perfectionist, by the way! Pictures never turn out how I wish they would in my head ;_;

  2. The cut of that dress actually looks adorable on you (in a relaxed babydoll kind of way) and I love the print. In regards to your blogging question, I can totally relate. It seems like the conditions are just wrong for shooting sometimes and since blogging is just a hobby for me as well, I just roll with the punches and post when it works! :) I chuckled about the American food, I suppose the grass really is always greener on the other side!

  3. You look so stunning Rebecca, that dress is just to die for, so gorgeous! And your milkshakes look soooooo good too! x


  4. I absolutely love that dress on you, Rebecca! :) Love the China Blue print and I think it's actually quite flattering in a strange kind of way! :)
    I've only started blogging in October last year, and loved dressing up for photo shots!
    Up until last Sunday that is! No matter what I tried on, or what poses I tried nothing was good enough! I got quite down about it, but I see that's something every blogger goes through, so I'll just aim to put these moments behind me as quick as possible and concentrate on the next outfit! :)
    Glad to have you back! :)

  5. That toile dress is so lovely! What a lovely shoot :)
    All these photo's are precious ^_^ You have such a lovely blog here! :)
    I went onto Asos straight away because I happen to be a major fan of toile de jouie patterns but it was long sold out v.v *sob*
    Happy Blogging!




  6. I love that dress!

  7. I genuinely though this was somewhere in America! It looks so quirky and lovely. How fab to have an abandoned railway like that to play with!

    Katie <3

  8. You look gorgeous (and I really love that dress on you -- the print is beautiful and that style works on a petite girl like you!), and you're right -- stellar backdrops! So much fun :)

    xox Sammi

  9. Whew! I got my fix :) love your outfits! I wish I could play with you ladies! Looks like fun! Oxoxo

  10. Oh baby cakes! I just had the best time, and I can't thank you enough for such a lovely day.
    Everything was amazing, and I love the photos, I'm so glad you liked yours!!! They're my fav in such a long long time.
    Please lets do it again, we need to book in a date already.
    BABE! Looking gorgeous & so glad I got to see it in real life xx

  11. Such a pretty dress and Steph's hair looks fab!

  12. The dress is so beautiful - I'm a litte jealous as I personally cannot pull of smocks or empire lines due to boobage - still I love seeing toile featured so much in clothing at the mo! x


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