29 Mar 2014

Miss Hawaiian Tropic

It's now officially getting sunnier and warmer and the clocks are going forward so it's really happening. Summer is around the corner. I'm counting down the days till mine and Jon's first holiday in two years and it cannot come soon enough. When Surfdome got in touch asking me if I would like to choose a dress from their website; without a moments hesitation it had to be this 'bless dress' by Traffic People. I own 4 others dresses by Traffic People and simply adore the quality, the styles and the fit of their dresses. (Remember this one? ) The fact is was on sale was a bonus too! The Hawaiian print of the little guitar and flowers just sang 'Summer' to me and I just knew it would be a fabulous addition to my Summer wardrobe.


Dress- C/0 Surfdome  | Shoes- Marks and Spencer | Hair Clip- Twinwood Festival | Bag- Primark

tropic10tropic4tropic1tropic11tropic9tropic8 tropic6 tropic2 tropic7
Summertime means wearing all those things you love once again- sandals, my favourite pretty dresses, sunglasses, maxi dresses, tropical prints and eating copious amounts of ice cream. Wearing this dress got me all excited again and I cannot wait to wear this again when I go to Greece in 52 days! Ahhhhh!!!

25 Mar 2014

Mustang Sally

I don't know why but for some reason whenever I wear this dress the song 'Mustang Sally' by The Commitments seems to plays a loud in my head. Is that just completely insane? But you know what? It just does as this dress for me is quite the fabulous little number. This particular dress by Viviene of Holloway really isn't one for the faint hearted. It's one of those 'occasional' dresses that comes out only once in a while because it's so out there but always makes an impression! These are the next series of shots from my retro shoot that I did with the beautiful Adora taken by her Mummy Elizabeth.
Adora- Lemon Dress- Primark | Shoes- Ebay | Me-Red Dress- Viviene of Holloway | Heels- New Look   
spinningaround4 spinningaround2 spinningaround1 spinningaround3 spinningaround7 spinningaround6

This shoot was so much fun and I simply loved styling Adora in all my vintage and retro gear. That girl suits any style of clothing you put on her! Not to mention she's a dream to photograph too! In between me posing I couldn't resist whipping out my camera too and taking some stunning shots of her (Which she'll share on her blog too!). 

I simply adore wearing retro style dresses as they instantly put me a fantastic mood- I would highly recommend it if you're feeling a bit rubbish one day! Whip out the red lippy, a swing dress and a petticoat and I guarantee you'll be feeling fantastic in no time! x

24 Mar 2014

Sew Happy Giveaway

'Simply the Best Sewing Book'. Blimey that's quite the title isn't it? Well you know, after getting this over a month ago I can confidently say that it is frankly quite marvellous. It's officially my bible book of sewing. Maybe you're intrigued by sewing and always wanted to start making your own clothes but don't know where to start, or maybe you've sewn a few things and want to do more. Whatever you skill set, this book covers it all.

Maybe you've never sewn a thing in your life but would love to buy some pretty fabric and make a simple skirt. Well this book will tell you exactly how to do it. From what a sewing pattern is, how to use one, how to cut a pattern...you name it. What is great to see is that the book doesn't assume that you know all these things, because sometimes we don't!

The diagrams and pictures are clear and easy to follow and understand. It's in colour too which makes such a refreshing change! The different chapters are divided into categories from learning the basics and understanding patterns, to start-to-finish projects making things (the tote bag project is on my do list next!).

I only started dressmaking officially last year after making it one of my New Year's resolutions. Before then I've made bags and cushions but I really wanted to create my own clothes. The first thing I made was a skirt (which you can see here) and an elasticated skirt is the easiest thing you can start with. You will be so proud and satisfied afterwards when you've made it, and the best part is wearing it and someone asking you where it's from. Ah it's really is the best feeling saying, "Oh this? I made this myself".

I know when I first started sewing I didn't have a clue what meant what on a sewing pattern packet and all the sewing jargon they use. (I will admit that I sometimes blag my way through a pattern if I don't get it!)

Simply the Best- Sewing Book- C/O Simplicity

To win your own copy along with this beautiful floral fabric, a retro poodle skirt skirt sewing pattern, a pack of scissors and Simplicity's Simply The Best Sewing Book all you need to do is enter the raffle copter. Worldwide Entry. Good Luck! x

a Rafflecopter giveaway

19 Mar 2014

C'est la Vie

Since my discovery of prettier, more flattering treasures, denim jeans have gradually slunk from the limelight of my wardrobe; like a rose after summer, like JLS after 1D, like Woody after Buzz. Denim jackets however are another matter; they always have and always will be a classic staple piece to have lying close to hand in your wardrobe. I picked this one up at the voucher code swap shop party and figured- why not? All it costed me was a few clothes I was bored of and as I said, who doesn't love a denim jacket?! If it's good enough for Shania Twain it's good enough for me!

Jacket- Swap Shop/ Topshop | Dress- Forever 21 | Bag- Primark | Sneakers- New Look | Sunglasses- Primark | Scarf- Vintage

If I'm being honest my first choice would have been a light denim jacket but hey, swappers can't be choosers. It's not necessarily what I'd usually wear so a bit out of my usual cardigan comfort zone but I teamed it that day with an old dress from forever 21. I honestly don't know what look I was channelling this particular day. I was going for a comfy-relaxed style with sneakers, head scarf and minimal makeup, free to roam around by the water and munch down on chips and bacon sandwiches. Mmm....

I was feeling quite confident until my younger sister Elizabeth said to me when I picked her up in the car "Oh hey Beck, nice look. You planning on being the fifth member of B*witched?" At that moment Jon and I both started laughing. It was the first thing she said and she was spot on. I don't know if you were as bewitched as we were but I had all their albums and the video for 'c'est la vie' still makes me laugh to this very day.

Personal favourite moments are 'I fight like my dad as well" and the Irish dance break- naturally- which is a nice contrast to today's equivalent, 'twerking' (OK now I sound really old!- I actually happen to rather like Miley Cyrus but B*witched are in a whole other league!). So it's always nice to mix things up and try new things. I'm a firm believer in that. Maybe try buying a B*witched album? Maybe try twerking? Maybe not...

18 Mar 2014

Home is where the heart is

Cath Kidston, a woman after my own heart. She is the epitome of quirky and modern day vintage that never fails to excite. When I was invited to come along to their special 'safari party' last week it took me by such complete surprise that I wasn't even prepared that day with my trusty camera. I came straight from work with nothing but my bulky laptop and a smile! I was gratefully saved by Adora who came to my rescue as my plus one and camera queen! I had at that point been unable to visit the brand new flagship store that opened on Piccadilly. It was closed after hours and we were free to forage and roam like modern day vintage raccoons; this was simply the perfect opportunity to photograph and explore.


The most adorable meringues were put out to eat with a lovely array of flavours- I personably loved the passion fruit ones the most! 

Safari style music was mixed through modern music by the DJ and it really added to the buzzing atmosphere. The new safari print is simply adorable and audible 'ooh's and 'aah's could be heard from groups of enraptured girls exploring the store. I've already spotted over a dozen things I want to treat myself to this coming season, which I know will be perfect for those summer months.

What blew me away at 180 Piccadilly was the visual merchandising of the store. It was simply marvellous- I'd go as far to say it was one of the best I've ever seen from a high street store in a very long time. From the vintage teacup display on the wall, to a bath tub filled with toiletry bags, to the gleaming vintage car and a wall adorned with beautiful mirrors, the team at Cath had spared no expense or inspiration in the store's wonderful new exhibition. Every corner, every space is graced with perfect attention to detail. Having visited over 8 stores in my time and worked in one of them this one is now a firm favourite and so if you are a Cath Kidston fan this store is one not be missed on your travels. 
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