15 Mar 2014

"A host of golden daffodils"

So here they are, my outfit photos from last week's picnic with the girls in Hyde Park. It really was the most perfect day in terms of weather, company and food. As I said previously we took an insane amount of photos so it only seemed right to put my outfit shots in a separate post. I made this dress last summer and it's still one of my favourites. The fabric cost next to nothing and I had to make do with what I had as I only bought just enough to make the dress. I made up my own bodice- which I'm quite pleased with- and went for a more flared skirt. I'm still in the process of making some new dresses which I really must finish.


Dress- Handmade | Hat- Garden Centre | Shoes- Ju Ju Jellies | Necklace- Gift from Sammi (Forever 21)
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Thanks to Adora for taking these photos which turned out so summery and lovely, I simply adore daffodils and the bunch Paige bought me as a gift that day are still blooming and sitting happily in my living room. London has had sunshine so many days this week that I've been able to bring out my Ju Ju jellies once more. I bought these last year and I simply adore wearing them, they really take me back to my childhood of when I constantly lived in my Woolworth's pair as a kid. Hoping you're enjoying the beginining of spring wherever you are. x


  1. Absolutely spectacular Rebecca! That dress is just so lovely! x


  2. So lovely, especially with the daffodils and sunshine. Hope you had a lovely time, you look beaut x

  3. The dress looks very well made, a really nice shape too. I've been thinking of making my own dress and skirt... it's on my resolutions list for this year ;)

    I love the juju jellies, I've been thinking about grabbing a pair for myself.

    ~ K

  4. That dress is so pretty, and I love the cute quirky fabric print! I really want to start making my own dresses again. I need to get better at sewing!

  5. So so darling! I love daffodils an insane amount, and your dress is just adorable. I can't pull off those Juju sandals!! I ordered them a while back and was weirdly between sizes, but they also just looked SO odd on my feet! I'll have to live vicariously. And the little apple necklace from my giveaway!! It looks so cute!! I'm so glad you're putting things to good use :)

    xox Sammi

  6. Such gorgeous photos great setting (I love daffodils!) and that dress is fab - you even matched the lady swimmers around the back - well done!

  7. Gorgeous pictures, last weekend was perfect weather wise. I must ask where you got the fabric, I've seen several bloggers making dresses with it and I really like it- swimming is my favourite!


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