1 Apr 2014

"Every Moment Red Letter"

OK today's post is something a little bit different I admit! and I have been umming and ahh'ing whether to do this post! As it's not 'style' per se, but you know what? Given you know what I'm like it should come as no surprise when I tell you that I also work part-time on the weekends as a party princess. Yep a party princess you heard me right, and I simply love it. My favourite character to perform as has to be Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. The costume is simply wonderful, I literately squealed with my boss when I went to her house to try it on for the first time. I play party games, sing, face paint and balloon model and the Jasmine Costume is the best costume for freedom of movement. Not to mention the wig I get to wear is pretty epic which the little girls simply adore.


This two piece costume was originally one long sari dress but a fabulous seamstress converted into an Arabian style top and trousers from an old sewing pattern she used to have. These are seriously the most comfortable trousers I've ever worn! I seriously might have to track down another pair in another colour to wear around the house.

Whenever someone asks me who my favourite Disney Princess is I always struggle. I tend to favour different ones for different reasons- whether it be Mulan- for her courage, can do attitude and pretending to be a dude for the sake of her Dad. Jasmine- because of what she gets to sing, but if you sit and watch Aladdin she is a bit of a madam really. Ariel- because of her red hair and the whole mermaid thing. Rapunzel- from Tangled because Flynn Rider is hot or Belle- because she's clever, the Beast is rather lovely and the yellow ball gown is the best Princess dress out of the bunch! Who's your favourite Disney Princess?


  1. WOW! What an AMAZING job to have, I am jealous that you get paid to go to kids parties AND wear fancy dress! I have always envied the girls who get to work as princesses at Disneyland so you basically have my dream job. I honestly couldn't say which princess is my favorite because they are all amazing and so different, but I love every single one of the princesses from the days before Disney films went CGI.

  2. Just ADORABLE. What a fun job to have! :)


  3. Oh my goodness, you have such an amazing job Rebecca! My ultimate dream is to be a Disney princess and I love them all but my favourite has to be Rapunzel though! I would love that long hair and to have Pascal and Max by my side would pretty fantastic too! :) xx

  4. That looks like a seriously fun job and you pull off Jasmine really well ;)
    When it comes to favorites I could talk all day. I do love Belle - the books, the horse, the library he gives her, the dress + ballroom scene, her little reprise at the beginning. I also love Meg from Hercules - I think she has the best Disney song, plus I love the sarcasm and the fact she's not perfect. However I think Pocahontas may be my all time favourite. Her story was more earthy than dreamy, it was about peace and seeing the humanity in those different to you, rather than just finding a man. She gets to run around in the wilderness and jump off waterfalls and be with John Smith who I still find rather dreamy - plus I think they have the most beautiful Disney kiss xx

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! What an incredibly fun job to have!

    Katie <3

  6. You make the most perfect Jasmine ever Rebecca, it sounds like such an amazing job too! x


  7. I am SO glad you posted these! You look so stunning. The daughter of a friend of my mom's actually runs one of these princess party businesses, and I know a lot of actors who do this on the side. I'd looove to get involved in it (though I am probably too big to be most princesses!). The outfit is so perfect, and you're lucky that with your look, you can probably pull off any of the princesses!!

    xox Sammi

  8. Jasmine was my favourite princess when I was little! Probably because I was pale and blonde - we always want what we can't have haha! x


  9. You look fab in these pictures. What a fun job to be a party princess and get to dress up for work!?! I think my favourite Disney princess is Ariel, although I absolutely love Mulan, Rapunzel and Merida from Brave mostly cause she is pretty awesome and Scottish too! Lianne x

  10. So beautiful, you make the perfect jasmine! <3

  11. OMG that sounds like the best job ever! It looks lovely on you! :)

  12. Spazzing at your Jasmine costume! You make a believable Jasmine, really. I can just imagine those little girls being in awe of you.

  13. This looks like such an amazing job! I've seen you guys dressed up on your instagram and you look like princesses :') (cheesy I know sorry!) <3 Gisforgingers xx

  14. This is fantastic! What a fun thing to get to do! You look great as Jasmine!
    My favorite princess has been Belle from the time I was four and Beauty and the Beast first came out. She's a book nerd, like me, kind of spunky, sure of her own thing, and yes. She has the best dress of the bunch. Plus, she ends up with a guy who has a library of my dreams, so y'know.

  15. You make a perfect princess. As far as my favorite royal it would have to be Maid Marian hands down. I also love Snow White, Mulan, Belle, and Merida.

  16. Wow, sign me up for a job like that! Is it a Disney based job, or a private company? I'm sure there's a great story as to how you stumbled on the opportunity! You make such a great Jasmine, and such a lovely costume. :)

  17. Really happy you posted these Rebecca, you look simply wonderful and make a delightful Jasmine!

    Vanessa xx

  18. I didn't actually realise that you could have an official job of party princess. That's awesome!

  19. Oh my good lord, LOOK AT YOU!!!! You look so much like Jasmine, it's unreal!

  20. Sounds like such a brilliant job! I'm actually a bit of a Disney novice - what I did with my childhood I don't know - but I adore the girls from Frozen. Tangled is high on the list, too, with Flynn as the added attraction!


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