14 Mar 2014

Happy White Day ホワイトデー

Happy White Day everyone! ホワイトデー White day you say what's that? Well it's exactly one month after Valentines day, and in Japan it's where the men receive gifts and chocolate as an expression of love, courtesy or social obligation. I really couldn't agree with this tradition more. Say what you want about Valentines day but Jonathan and I have always been 'that' kind of couple that celebrate it. I agree that is shouldn't be about spending money or buying gifts- although I am rather partial to a nice gift! This year we kept our four year tradition alive of making each other cards and then going for a curry dinner.

When New Look got in touch asking if Jonathan would like to select something from their new Spring/ Summer Menswear collection as a White Day gift we were both equally excited. I cannot express how much this man means to me and a little gift like this was the perfect little act of kindness that he really deserves. Jonathan in a heartbeat chose these shorts from the site- as they as his favourite thing to wear in the sunnier months and this particular colour and print called out to him and suited his personal style.

The Story of us

He is the best person I know, everyone who knows him loves him. People naturally gravitate towards his happy, positive cheeky aura and fall under his spell. I am incredibly blessed to have him in my life and get to call him my significant other. I met him four years ago while selling toys in the toy department of Harrods- of all places? It was love at first sight and from the moment when we shared our first kiss we just 'knew'. It was simply magical, and I had never until then experienced anything like it. I'll never forget the day after we shared our first kiss he took my hand that frosty December night in Covent Garden and it was like we had been together for years. What I loved about him was that he never played games or messed me about like previous guys I had dated before or been with. He told me he was falling in love with me only after a matter of days and the feeling was completely mutual because I was too. He asked me to be his girlfriend and said he didn't want anybody else and we haven't been apart ever since. We have gone through a great deal together and it's fair to say he really has seen me at my worst and I'm not afraid to be who I really am around him. He is my inspiration and my world and I still can't believe he's all mine.

So todays post is a 'let's celebrate Jon is great' post! Because you know what? He really is. He takes all my outfit photos, and is incredibly patient with me, is equally as crazy and as bizarre as me, puts up with my outlandish outfits, makes me laugh like no one else, always makes me feel wonderful about myself and is The Cinnamon Slipper's guiding light. He understands me and knows me better than anyone in the world and really is my best friend.

Shorts- C/O New Look | Shirt- Hollister | Boat Shoes- Primark | Sunglasses- Primark

So Happy White Day to you and your loved ones x


  1. That's a really cool tradition that I had not heard of! I love the idea of honoring the men in our lives, as it seems these days that's not done enough. :) You two have a lovely story, I hope someday to "just know" about the right person too!

  2. If I didn't know better I would think you were talking about my significant other, haha ;)

    It's such a wonderful feeling to have the one person above everything else. You sound so happy even in the writing :)

    Here's to many more years of the two of you!

    ~ K

  3. I love this tradition, first of all. These photos of him are adorable, and I loved learning more about him (and your beautiful relationship) in this post! Gives me hope for the future, dear friend :) Love love love.

    xox Sammi

  4. What an awesome tradition and such a sweet post! You two are such a cute couple!

  5. I love the idea of white day and this was a lovely post! Great to get to know Jon a little better Gisforgingers xx

  6. He looks so dapper! I love the shorts! I wish I had known about 'White Day' although I like to think we don't really need a particular day to tell us we should tell our other halves how we feel! Such a cute story of how you two met - I met the love of my life just around the corner in Piccadilly!

    Katie <3


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