25 Mar 2014

Mustang Sally

I don't know why but for some reason whenever I wear this dress the song 'Mustang Sally' by The Commitments seems to plays a loud in my head. Is that just completely insane? But you know what? It just does as this dress for me is quite the fabulous little number. This particular dress by Viviene of Holloway really isn't one for the faint hearted. It's one of those 'occasional' dresses that comes out only once in a while because it's so out there but always makes an impression! These are the next series of shots from my retro shoot that I did with the beautiful Adora taken by her Mummy Elizabeth.
Adora- Lemon Dress- Primark | Shoes- Ebay | Me-Red Dress- Viviene of Holloway | Heels- New Look   
spinningaround4 spinningaround2 spinningaround1 spinningaround3 spinningaround7 spinningaround6

This shoot was so much fun and I simply loved styling Adora in all my vintage and retro gear. That girl suits any style of clothing you put on her! Not to mention she's a dream to photograph too! In between me posing I couldn't resist whipping out my camera too and taking some stunning shots of her (Which she'll share on her blog too!). 

I simply adore wearing retro style dresses as they instantly put me a fantastic mood- I would highly recommend it if you're feeling a bit rubbish one day! Whip out the red lippy, a swing dress and a petticoat and I guarantee you'll be feeling fantastic in no time! x


  1. So unbelievably gorgeous, and that song always pops in my head when I'm wearing something retro! Hehe! These photos of you two are SO stunning.

    xox Sammi

  2. AMAZING PHOTOS!!! I love both of your dresses so much, and of course you managed to find such a pretty location! I always love it when bloggers take photos of cute houses - and I admire your nerve too - I've always wanted to take outfit photos in front of a pretty house but get toooo stressed about being told off.

  3. You look fantastic, Rebecca! I love the pinup look! :)

  4. Rebecca you looks absolutely stunning! I need to invest in a Viv dress it seems!

  5. Gorgeous dress! You do realise we're all going to be spending our day singing "Mustang Sally" now don't you? x

  6. You both look incredible, that red dress just looks spectacular on you Rebecca! Just magical girl! x


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  8. You both look amazing ladies! Those dresses are stunning and colorfull. It's really a pleasure just to watch those pictures. Red suit you really well Hun ;)

  9. Man, I need a petticoat. Bad. You look fabulous!

  10. Thankyou for your sweet words! Was so lovely shooting with you! Love to do more shoots with you in the future for each other's blogs xxxx

  11. I wore a Vivienne of Holloway dress to prom and I loved it! Surprisingly all the guys did too :) gorgeous.

  12. Oh Cool little series of picture in front of a house I assume really beautiful by its colour.
    Great idea!


  13. You both look so gorgeous and retro! I just love both of your dresses. The twirling pictures are adorable too.

  14. I love the red polka dot dress beautiful and retro! thanks for sharing



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