6 Mar 2014

Strawberry Fields

When I used to work at Cath Kidston I was naturally a massive fan of their prints.  I could pretty much name every single one, old and new, but If I had to pick one of my favourites it would be 'Strawberry fields' (the print on the plimsolls below- excuse the mud!). There is something truly cute, vintage, and summery about it that I adore. I had almost forgotten I owned this pair of plimsolls until I opened the dreaded box of shoes (which is usually a jumble box of everyone's shoes in the house by the front door). I saw a little strawberry print poking out and I had almost completely forgotten about these existing and got all excited to wear them again.

It was most a beautiful spring day we've had so far this year and the sun was shining high and bright in the sky. The gorgeous sunshiny day was really what I needed to give me a well-needed boost as I've had a pretty bad week. Now I'm not one for talking too personally on here, because I am an incredibly positive person who tries to make the best out of everything, but even I too have my bad days. Earlier this week at work I totally lost my cool in a moment of stress and disappointment and burst into tears- which in retrospect is quite embarrassing, but hey I'm only human. (If I do cry it's usually in the privacy of my own home!). I think it was a mixture of stress and frustration on my part and then to top it all off yesterday my car robbed me of £350 for new tyres, a failed MOT, new lights and a new tax disc.
 Dress- Swap Shop | Bag- Swap Shop | Necklace- Primark | Shoes- Cath Kidston 

Putting that all aside I decided to wear some softer colours to cheer myself up, and what better than my new dress that I swapped at the Voucher Code's Swap Shop Party? Now Paige actually encouraged me to get this dress when we saw it hanging up and I thought...well it's technically free, so why not? When I got home I was pleasantly surprised to see that the back of the dress was not simple and plain like the front but with a lovely bow and lots of waterfall cut layers surrounding it. I teamed it with a vintage style bag I also got from the swap shop (I cleared up at that party!) and my new pretty pastel Primark necklace which only cost a low and lovely £6. Really looking forward to the weekend as my little sister is getting married to her true love. x


  1. this look is so inspiring! wonderful...

  2. The dress is gorgeous, the bow on the back is adorable!

    Eurgh, hate crying at work, it's just so embarrassing .. sometimes it just happens though! Hope you're feeling better now x

  3. Looove the bow on the back of this dress, and the shoes are adorable. I love how you call them plimsolls! I guess over here, they'd be sneakers, or Keds (though that's actually a brand name). Adore the strawberries, obviously!

    xox Sammi

  4. Love this post! Those shoes are adorable, your whole outfit is so pretty! Love these pictures too <3 Alex


  5. You look divine Rebecca, these pictures are just so dreamy and perfect! x


  6. Adorable shoes! Your cardigan and dress are both so lovely. I kind of want something pastel-y to wear now. :) ♡


  7. Aw, Rebecca, I just love your blog so much! I'm forever swooning over your outfits and photos, you are one of my FAVE bloggers! x

  8. Sometimes wearing something pretty helps cheer up a gloomy day. I just love this pretty dress of yours. The cutout in the back is wonderful and this color looks great on you.

  9. I can't even put in words how perfect this outfit is and how stunning you are, can I be you please?

  10. Gorgeous! I'm sorry you had a breakdown at work :( not fun! On brighter notes, these pictures are beautiful! I'm loving the filter on all of them too. Just reminds me of some far-away summer that we're all so patiently waiting for!

    Katie <3

  11. Love this post, we all have our bad weeks so I know how you feel. There is always an up from them though and you look gorgeous so there a start hehe :) xxxxxxxxx

  12. such dreamy photos & wonderful outfit <3 Yay so happy spring has arrived! bringing all the pastels out <3 xxxx I am here for you sweet pea, if theres anything just message me! xxxxxxxxx

  13. I love the colours of this outfit - they're so summery. I wish it was warm enough to wear dresses without a coat at the moment! x


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