12 Mar 2014

Sunshine and Happy days

Well Sunday really did well and truly feel like spring had finally arrived and what better than spending it with my lovely girlies Adora and Paige? We had planned on a picnic in Hyde Park and we couldn't of anticipated how beautiful the weather turned out to be. Our picnic spread was truly amazing...I would go as far to say it was the best one I've ever been to in terms with the sheer amount of treats on show. Adora went all out with the most adorable cups and plates. We chowed down on jelly, cocktail sausages, pasta, crisps, lemonade, strawberries and cream you get the idea. 

As you can imagine us three bloggers were well and truly in our element- glorious sunshine, perfect picnic, idyllic hyde park and dozens of daffodils. We were well and truly inspired and naturally took an obscene amount of photos. I found it incredibly hard to narrow down so this bunch made the cut but Adora and Paige both will have different photos and perspectives so it's definitely worth taking a look at theirs! I had the pleasure of photographing the girls and I think you'll agree they looked simply stunning.


  1. This is beautiful!! Living vicariously <3

    xox Sammi

  2. Amazing photos....beautiful.

    and you have spring!

    I am still in snow banks.

  3. This looks like the perfect day, and such a beautiful place! I love how many daffodils there are! Picnics are the best. I can't wait for it to really be spring around here. Also, seeing that Wonka Bar reminded me how much I loved the Wonka bars they used to have here with the chocolate and graham cracker bits. I'm SO sad they discontinued them. :(

  4. I am loving all the daffodil shots! Hyde Park was always my favourite place to go and hunt daffodils when I lived in London x

  5. Your photography is truly spectacular Rebecca, sounds like the three of you had a wonderful day and it's always even greater when the sun comes out! x


  6. Definitely looks like a day to remember! :D And your photos have left me desperately wanting a picnic - I'll have to add it to the post-dissertation list ;) xx

  7. I just saw your blog on the university alumini. You've done fantastic. Pictures are great x

  8. This day out looks wonderful and looks like you ladies have such a fun day and the photos taken are wonderful!


  9. I'm so beyond jealous right now, it was 20 degrees yesterday!! Those photos in the flowers are gorgeous!

  10. Those Daffodil photos are glorious! I was in Hyde Park at the weekend, can't wait for the blossom to come out on all the trees, it will look amazing! What a divine picnic and a fabulous spread, Incredibly jealous!

    Katie <3


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