30 Apr 2014

Adeventures in Bluebell land

Ta da! At last I finally finished this dress! I wanted to give it my full attention but getting a day off and dedicating it to just sewing has been difficult so it's been a while in the making.

I have longed for an Alice In Wonderland dress forever. I had a very specific idea in mind of what I wanted it to look like: I didn't want cartoony images of Alice and the rabbit, I wanted the classic style illustrations you see in some of the earlier edition books.

I was feeling a little paranoid after looking at some of these snaps as I've styled my fringe out on that occasion for a change. I was feeling a more retro inspired look that day.

 Sewing Pattern- C/O- Simplicity- Pattern 6723 | Fabric- Etsy

Where does such a fabric exist? Why, Etsy of course, the haven for all things truly unique, rare and magical! I saw this fabric and my heart leaped, it was exactly what I imagined and more. It came all the way from Malaysia and it was totally worth the wait and the money.

I spent about £37 for 3 metres- which is what I usually spend on a novelty fabric. I do have a little left which I'm saving.

I knew exactly what pattern to use for the dress and this Simplicity pattern (6723) in the classic style suits it perfectly. Now I would say this pattern is for the more experienced sewer, if you've had a go at a skirt or bodice before this would be a perfect next step. I think to date this has to be the best dress I've ever made. The fit and the styling are perfect and the length is just how I like it. I went for option B in the bodice which is a little more modest and classic in style. For my next creation I think I'm going to go for the sweetheart neckline option.

24 Apr 2014

When life hands you lemons


Dress- Sainsburys | Bag- Nine West | Shoes- Dorothy Perkins | Daisy hair clips- Claire's | 
Sunglasses- Twinwood Festival


Oh Easter bank holiday Monday really was such a beautiful day. I treasure and always look forward to mine and Jon's days off together. As they are few and far between they are precious and very much enjoyed. We planned on a adventure that day but didn't have a clue what to do. The weather was beautiful and warm and Jon researched that morning things to do in Kent on bank holiday Monday. Egg hunts popped up which we wanted to do but had no doubt being adults they might not let us join in, so we stumbled across the food festival in Broadstairs.

We hadn't visited Broadstairs since last summer and it really is becoming one of my favourite Kent seasides. It was the perfect weather to wear my new lemon dress once again. I still can't believe I found this beauty in Sainsburys supermarket. I was food shopping there- as you do) and came across this in their new spring collection.


I think I might have a bit of thing for fruit related prints on dresses. So far I have strawberries, lemons, just ordered a watermelon dress for my holiday! Fruit prints always become a thing in trend come summer. For a mere £18 this dress is fantastic quality. Lined on the inside and complete with matching fabric buttons all the way down.

We loved the food festival and treated ourselves to some delicious macaroons- the rhubarb one's were heavenly...did I mention? after eating them on the beach after our chips we went back to by another 6! I can't wait to go back again this Summer and hit Morellos their retro ice cream parlour, till next time. x 

19 Apr 2014

Gold Rush

Last weekend I couldn't be more excited for. My girlfriends and I had planned for ages to have our next meet-up in Blackpool. Last time it was down south so this time we decided to go north for Holly. I think it was me that suggested Blackpool- seaside, tacky shops, arcades and a giant Primark. What we weren't prepared for was how cold it was. Seriously it was absolutely freezing. Every the country that weekend was beautiful and warm. In Blackpool it was not. Even so we had a fantastic time laughing, catching up, eating chips and doughnuts and wondering around the arcades.

As you can probably tell from the state of my hair it was very very windy that day. I was on the look out for a really grimey amusement arcade and kept saying to the girls "the seedier and more old school it is, the better". We found this one and it was perfect for what I had in mind. I was also finally able to shoot my new 'Rebecca' necklace I received from 'Onecklace' over a week ago. You cannot understand how obsessed I am with this necklace. I've worn it pretty much every single day since I received it.

Cropped Shirt- Heyday! Vintage Style | Skirt- Primark | Sneakers- Newlook |
Satchel- Cambridge Satchel | Necklace- Onecklace

I was over the moon to be asked by Onecklace if I wanted to select a necklace as I used to have one. I bought a 'Carrie Style' one 7 years ago from Argos, the chain broke and it's been sitting in my jewellery box ever since. As some of you know I am a massive Sex and the City geek. I mean serious geek. At University like the fool I am I bought the DVD boxset impulsively one day and then had no food money for the rest of the week. What an idiot! but you know what? It was the best investment I made because we watched it non stop for two years. I love the fashion, the stories, the relationships it's still one of my favourite TV series till this day- that and Friends.

There were several different styles on the website to choose from but for me it had the be the Carrie font and in gold. I selected the smaller chain length too of 16" so it sits highers on the collar bone just like Carrie's. They have kindly given all readers of The Cinnamon Slipper a lovely 10% off you too should want anything from their website. Just quote cinnamonslipper Happy shopping! x

16 Apr 2014

Spring Laters

The RHS Spring Late- an event I never miss in my diary. This will now be my third trip to their season-themed evenings and the Spring ones are the best ones. Maybe it's because it's a beautiful time of the year, or maybe it's the daffodils on display or maybe it's the warm weather. I went again this year with my girlfriends Hollie and Jann. We're quite the seasoned regulars now! Remember our last visit? 

I've known Hollie and Jann since University and I lived with them in my first year of living in Halls of Residence. We've sang together, got merry together, lived together and stayed friends ever since we graduated all those years ago. It was the perfectly opportunity to kick back, catch up, have a natter, have a drink, grab a hot dog and look at the pretty flowers.
Dress- Modcloth 

This time they had a band playing some really cool covers of the classics, Midnight Apothecary were there once again with their simply delicious cocktails. I opted for the mocktail 'Rhubarbra Stresiand' cocktail- which did not disappoint. I was simply starving, having come straight from work, and I was so glad to see real food was being sold. Don't get me wrong, I do love a good canape but carbs and meat are my first choice every time.

What was lovely to see this time was they also had a cake stand with victoria sponge, giant jammie dodgers and mini doughnuts- which I happened to purchase for me and the girls.
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