30 Apr 2014

Adeventures in Bluebell land

Ta da! At last I finally finished this dress! I wanted to give it my full attention but getting a day off and dedicating it to just sewing has been difficult so it's been a while in the making.

I have longed for an Alice In Wonderland dress forever. I had a very specific idea in mind of what I wanted it to look like: I didn't want cartoony images of Alice and the rabbit, I wanted the classic style illustrations you see in some of the earlier edition books.

I was feeling a little paranoid after looking at some of these snaps as I've styled my fringe out on that occasion for a change. I was feeling a more retro inspired look that day.

 Sewing Pattern- C/O- Simplicity- Pattern 6723 | Fabric- Etsy

Where does such a fabric exist? Why, Etsy of course, the haven for all things truly unique, rare and magical! I saw this fabric and my heart leaped, it was exactly what I imagined and more. It came all the way from Malaysia and it was totally worth the wait and the money.

I spent about £37 for 3 metres- which is what I usually spend on a novelty fabric. I do have a little left which I'm saving.

I knew exactly what pattern to use for the dress and this Simplicity pattern (6723) in the classic style suits it perfectly. Now I would say this pattern is for the more experienced sewer, if you've had a go at a skirt or bodice before this would be a perfect next step. I think to date this has to be the best dress I've ever made. The fit and the styling are perfect and the length is just how I like it. I went for option B in the bodice which is a little more modest and classic in style. For my next creation I think I'm going to go for the sweetheart neckline option.


  1. You are so clever! I can't even thread a sewing machine, I don't have a practical arty bone in my body :(

    The dress is beautiful, I love the fabric you found. Gorgeous!

    Chloe x

  2. Don't worry about your fringe - you look gorgeous! And I must say the dress is amazing as well! Ever thought about going into the business? Or at least taking some orders? It really looks professional and you're obviously creative enough to do the designing. x

  3. Utterly breath-taking Rebecca, that dress is just pure perfection too x


  4. This dress is amazing, I'm not normally a big fan of sewing clothes but you make them look so beautiful xo

  5. This fabric is amazing and I love the pattern - it's one I've not tried before so I'll have to look out for it, but not until I've finished working my way through the large amount of fabric and patterns I have stashed up! You take such lovely photos as well!

  6. The print on that dress is lovely, really! <3 It is wonderful. So chic <3

    xx, Malena

  7. Wow, if I had any idea of where a field full of bluebells like that was, I'd wander around it all day long-- such beautiful scenery! I do love the Alice print and think it's awesome that you made the dress, I'd love to sew entire garments one day. :)

  8. Super cute. I love that fabric, I can never pull off novelty prints but I always look at them with longing before returning back to the florals / polka dots in the fabric shops!

  9. I am always so jealous of your amazing patterned dresses and you always inspire me to make some more of my own :) Gisforgingers xx

  10. You look utterly ethereal Rebecca! I did the exact same shoot this week for a diy of my own :)

  11. I would so buy a dress made by you

  12. stunning in everyway rebecca! Your dress creation is ever so dreamy! xxx

  13. This dress and the shoot are just incredible! Love the bluebell wood and the picture of your hands over your eyes is amazing! Looks like a game of hide and seek!

    The pattern is adorable.

    Katie <3

  14. Wow, that fabric, it's lovely! Such a beautiful creation!

  15. oh my, i love everything about this post! the dress, the fabric, the photos, your hair; so so pretty. you look beautiful, too, and you did such an amazing job on the dress! x

  16. Wow, what a gorgeous dress and scenery! You are so talented! :) This is definitely one of my favorite posts of yours. x

  17. This is gorgeous! I must find an area like this!
    Pretty Lovely

  18. Oh my goodness what an amazing print! And you made it into such a pretty dress! I just came across your blog and really enjoying looking through it! Your boyfriend is an amazing photographer and your style is adorable!


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