13 Apr 2014

Doodle jump

Could this dress be any more perfect for me? The exact colour is one of my favourite shades in the world. As you can probably see from my blog design colour theme it's one of my signature colours. I was extremely lucky and flattered to be asked by the lovely Ever Ours if I they could use one of my images for their new website. Without a moments hesitation I said yes. As a little thank you I got to choose any dress from their collection. It was an extremely difficult decision as there are so many dresses on offer that are simply gorgeous but I've had my eye on this little beauty for a while now. Ever since the moment it went on their Instagram page I loved it and now it's completely sold out! It's not hard to see why, it's the most beautiful shade of teal, has the most adorable doodle print all over it and has a peter pan collar. I have a complete weakness for white collars on dresses so this really does ticks all the boxes.

If you look closely enough the doodle print has little drawings of cupcakes, circus tents, balloons, chairs, clouds and shooting stars.

Dress- c/o Ever Ours | Shoes- New Look | Bag- Vintage | Belt- Camden Market |

Speaking of doodle jump, did anybody play that for hours and hours on the Iphone when it first came out? Blimey I loved that game!


  1. Breath-taking Becca, that dress is just stunning x


  2. Ooh you lucky lady! And great choice - it looks lovely :)

  3. This is gorgeous! Love the filter on your images and this is perfectly suited to an 'in the woods' photo shoot!

    Katie <3

  4. so perfect as always!


  5. The dress is gorgeous and perfect pictures too, I looked at the website but all the clothes seemed to come in only one size, which was a little disappointing.

  6. This dress IS absolutely perfect for you. The color is fantastic, and the doodles are amazing! So so good. I've ordered rings from Ever Ours before, but unfortunately, I don't think most of their clothes will fit me. At least I can live vicariously!

    xox Sammi

  7. Gorgeous dress! The print is so cute. x

  8. Super cute dress and yes! I was hooked on that game lol.

    xo erica

  9. Wow, this dress is adorable! ^^
    I've just discovered your blog, but I'vescrolled throught your latest posts already, I really enjoy your style! ^^

  10. Your fashion sense is absolutely divine! I love vintage fashion <3

    xx, Malena


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