4 Apr 2014

Where the wild things are

Over the weekend, Jonathan and I ventured to Howletts Zoo. This was our second time to Howletts (me and Jon now have annual passes!), but what we failed to notice when we went in November- mainly due to the freezing cold and driving rain- was how beautiful a zoo it is. They've got wild cherry trees, blossom trees (my signature tree!), and the most beautifully colourful gardens. As I said, last time we went it was pouring with rain and the only animals we saw were a river hog (who really couldn't use rain as an excuse not to perform!), a soggy tiger, a classically trained chimp and some dripping wet but seemingly happy elephants! This time though we were more successful with the weather and the turn out of animals.

The weather was warm enough to roam free without a cardigan (hurrah!) and I couldn't wait to sport this Topshop dress I picked up from eBay for £10! Score! I do love a jolly good bargain and I just couldn't resist this dress. I love gingham and this is a lovely lilac shade.

We slurped down a giant slush puppy and hot sugared doughnuts. What I was most intrigued to see this time was the apes.   

Quite the funny story really- I was recently called by someone from the zoo's charity asking for me to donate some money for the monkeys' enclosure.

Now, having worked in telesales myself I know when I'm being sold to. I know all the tricks. I know how it all works and that day that man made an easy sale out of a gorilla-loving girl (bang bang, gorilla!). So after being duped into paying a monthly instalment- which I immediately regretted- I had to go see these - to quote the man over the phone- "magnificent and endangered creatures" for myself.


Within seconds of seeing the chimps I was caught up on how wonderful they were. One little ape came over to me and looked me dead in the eye and it's was almost as if he knew. Sounds ridiculous but just look at the photo; he's looking right at me. I snapped away and smiled at him and he smiled right back. It was really magical. That's it, no going back for me. If it's a primate, it's my mate. 
(Jon wrote that last bit, I didn't!)

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Dress- Topshop (Ebay) | Hat- Garden Centre | Bag- C/O- Bagable | Sneakers- New Look |


  1. Wow!! That dress is such a bargain, it's gorgeous. I love the zoo, what a lovely day out! So nice you can go whenever you want with the passes :) xxx

  2. Divine Becca, it really does seem like you had a wonderful and spring-like day! Oh, and your dress is just gorgeous too! x


  3. Gorgeous dress and looks like a great day out. I love going to the zoo

  4. This is such a cute outfit! How are you always so adorable?

  5. Your outfit is so pretty - love that dress! And the pics of the chimp are adorable! :)

  6. Love the boater hat and dress! Such cute shots! Alex


  7. Lovely photos, you always look so sweet and like you always have the nicest day trips :) xx

  8. Such a sweet look, and exactly what I'd wear on an outing to the zoo!

  9. Ahh I love going to zoos! It's one of my favorite things to do. Also, your zoo outfit is so adorable!



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