6 May 2014

I'm one with the wind and sky

Dress- Topshop (Charity Shop | Necklace- Forever 21 | Parasol- Ebay

Not to take a trip to negative town but looking back at these photos when I was editing them I really made a mistake. I did question myself when I wore it on Saturday but Jon kept saying how lovely I looked and maybe I was just feeding off that. I can now say I was wrong and this style of dress is totally all wrong for my body shape. I look pregnant in some angles. Just to be clear I'm not!

I picked this Topshop dress up for a mere £2 from the cat club charity shop. You know, doing my bit for the cats and my wardrobe I figured why not? And it's Topshop so in theory it is a bargain. I've been after a white dress for summer and it seemed like a great idea in theory.

Alas this dress is going to be sold a la eBay this week! Even so, the weather was simply divine that day and I got to bring out my lace parasol once more which I LOVE, especially when I don't want to wear sunglasses. Magic. X


  1. Bless him! You look lovely though xx

  2. Before I read your post, I was just thinking how lovely you looked in the pictures!

  3. You look amazing as always Rebecca. Don't put yourself down girl, you always look stunning x


  4. Love these photos, i think the dress looks great on you, but if you're not happy in it, don't wear it!

  5. These photos are so cheerful and sweet, even more than usual! You're always brightening up the blogging world. LOVE your lace umbrella ♥
    Thanks for the birthday wishes babes :) Hope you enjoy your's as much as I enjoyed mine! xx

  6. You look gorgeous. Definitely not pregnant. Also I am so jealous of that yellow field!
    Little Sloth

  7. WHAT!?!?! You don't look pregnant in the slightest! These pics are gorgeous; such a beautiful day and such a beautiful girl.

  8. So so so gorgeous. WHY DO WE NOT HAVE FLOWER FIELDS LIKE THIS FOR ME TO FROLIC IN?! You definitely don't look "in the family way" at ALL, but maybe you meant you didn't include photos that made you look that way. In either case, you look stunning, and these photos are so dreamy.

    xox Sammi

  9. These photos are all so amazing! You look beautiful!

  10. I think you look lovely! And these photos are so great, like a summer wonderland. I want to twirl around in a field of yellow flowers asap.


  11. These images are beautiful! I have to completely disagree, I think you look lovely and although I can't see a full image of the dress on you, the top half certainly looks really pretty. Love the parasol too. Is that a rape seed field? I always thought they were full of pollen. Now I realise they aren't I'm starting to question why I've never done a photo shoot in one of them!

    Katie <3

  12. You are mistaken. From certain angles, you look like an angel! That dress, lace parasol and field of yellow flowers are all incredibly lovely! :)

  13. oh, what pretty pictures! shame you ended up not liking the dress, i think it looks wonderful on you:-) and your parasol is the cutest, i love it! xx

  14. Beautiful colourful pictures as always.I think the dress looks really sweet on you, but obviously it is the most important thing to feel happy and comfortable in what you wear. You look lovely in everything though xx

  15. So beautiful it's getting me excited for summer <3

    The Quirky Queer


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