14 May 2014

Visions of our love pass right by me

Something a little different today on the blog. Head to toe (well almost to toe) in vintage. This dress suit belongs to Gill Jon's mummy and it's just fabulous. I remember when me and Gill found it last year at Twinwood Festival and it was in incredible condition. I am so excited to be going again this year with my best girlies Holly and Kayla. If you want to see some of my adventures at last years Twinwood Vintage Festival click here and here.

Which brings me to my next little ask of you all. You lovely readers of The Cinnamon Slipper. Who I treasure and am forever grateful for every wonderful comment and e-mail I get from you. It really does make my day to see I'm not just talking to myself out there in the ether!

Now I do get a little embarrassed these days when having to ask people to vote for me for certain things. It's a really strange thing I've done it before dozens of times in the past for presenter video competitions and I've never really been that lucky at it. It usually results in me being a little disheartened. Alas! I've entered myself into this years Twinwood Festival 'Miss Vintage UK' competition.

Dress Suit- Vintage | Shoes- Marks and Spencers | Bag- Vintage | Compact Mirror- Vintage

So to win or be in consideration for Miss Vintage UK at The Twinwood Festival, Would be quite marvellous! I'm not going to lie winning a lovely cheque (which would go towards mine and Jon's house deposit fund- which is coming along very slowly) and the chance to choose some lovely clothes from Viviene of Holloway would be just well....brilliant.

So if you could ever so kindly simply click this link here which will direct you to my photo entry and click that lovely 'like' icon and like my photo and also please 'LIKE' the Twinwood Festival Page too (for the vote to count) so I'm in with my chance to be in the top 20.

(I've got a lot of catching up to do!) that would be so very much appreciated.

As always thank you for your constant love and support it really means a lot to me. 

x Rebecca

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  1. Done :D At least I hope I've done it right!

    Good luck x

  2. You look absolutely stunning. Voting now :)
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. Oh my word- your hair, this location, your outfit- SOO pretty! Love this post! Alex


  4. You are SO stunning, and I adore your hair like this. Such gorgeous photos. Heading over to vote for you now!

    xox Sammi

  5. Oh wow! Breath-taking Rebecca, so stunning girl x


  6. Given you a vote babe :) Always think you make vintage outfits look so effortless and easy- I'm very jealous <3 Gisforgingers xx

  7. Voted! Hope you win little lady, you look lovely as always!


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