1 Jun 2014

A fish that's learnt to fly

Well at long last after counting down the days for what like seemed forever...."140 days....80 days...next week!" Our much deserved holiday in two years came and went. It was the best holiday we've ever had. I am simply in love with Greece- the weather was beautiful everyday, the people were warm and welcoming, I got a killer tan, swam in the sea, saw a turtle, had cocktails at 10am!, ate lobster, drove around the island and it was where we got engaged.

This outfit was what I wore on the second day of our holiday- a fabulous two piece set- camisole and trousers from Dorothy Perkins. I bought this about month before we went on holiday and was saving it all this time. As you might know I have an awkward relationship with trousers but these separates are perfect. I decided to tuck in the camisole to the leggings which turned out to be extremely flattering. Armed with my new watermelon drawstring bag too. (recommended by Paige! thanks hun!)

Camisole- Dorothy Perkins | Trousers- Dorothy Perkins | Bag- H & M | 
Sandals- Saltwater | Earrings- Forever 21     blue1 blue3
blue9 blue12 blue8 blue4 blue5 blue14 blue10 blue15 blue7 blue6 blue16 IMG_9760 blue11  
The rich blue colour was very fitting with the Grecian settings and the delicate fabric was lovely and light during the scorching afternoon heat. This was our first proper day in Kefalonia and we took a trip 10 minutes from where we were staying and wandered around the local sea port of Agia Efimia. We adventured around the back streets, skimmed stones, dipped our toes in the sea and ate a romantic dinner in one of the local taverns. Ah take me back.             

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  1. I'm totally in love with everything about this outfit! You look gorgeous!

  2. What a stunning, stunning outfit! There was a two-piece like this way back this year, by Peacocks and I never found it. I saw it on a blogger and fell in love. I now, however, keep putting off buying these as I was worried they'd look too much like PJ's, but now I've seen them on you- JUST WOW.

    How stunning are these photos too, you're such a babe and I know you OBVIOUSLY had the best time, but these photos are so pretty and looks like you had wonderful fun xxx

  3. Just stunning Rebecca, that jumpsuit is so lovely. Congrats on getting engaged too, that's soooooooooo so exciting x


  4. I love this outfit! x


  5. SO beautiful, wow! And amazing shots! Alex


  6. This two-piece is gorgeous! Flicking through your holiday pictures for outfit inspiration for my holiday!

    What a beautiful place to get engaged. Huge congratulations!

    Katie <3

  7. glad you had such an amazing time! the photos are so pretty and i love your trousers and that watermelon bag! xx

  8. I have been loving your holiday snaps! (congrats on your engagement, by the way!) xxx


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