5 Jun 2014

Discovering Kefalonia

I get butterflies whenever I scroll and look through my holiday photos. I treasure holidays away with Jon so much, they really are such a joy and I wish we could go away on more! One of our favourite holiday things to do is always go on a day tour of the place we are staying in. Luckily for us the island had one and it was called 'Discovering Kefalonia' and we jumped at the chance. The weather was perfect for my new lemon dress which is actually an old Primark number! I adore fruit prints in the summer and this is my second lemon-printed dress (eBay had one and I snapped it up for a juicy price!). I had a bit of an embarrassing situation with it though.


I was trying it on and it fit great but I couldn't for the life of me get it off. I stood in my room for ages trying to wriggle out of it. I tried everything and as a last resort I had to get a pair of scissors and physically cut myself out of it! Yikes! So I had to install a zipper- which worked out for the best really- and now it's even better!


The island tour involved a trip to the nunnery, wine tasting, the Melissani Cave (with an undergound, bright blue lake), the Drogarati Cave and lunch in Argostoli, a beautiful city in which we saw a beautiful turtle right next to the harbour!

Another little thing I just have to share with you is my latest obsession: my new satchel from Cath Kidston. This has become my favourite day bag, which I chose mainly for the size, as well as the amazing print. Carrying around a DSLR camera and extra lenses does have its disadvantages- small bags simply don't cut it. Carrying around such precious cargo and other things too ie: bottle of water, scarf, cardigan, lip balm, suncream and maps on our day out called for a bigger bag than my much-loved (but in this case, useless) owl camera case. Since I've got home it's been my work bag too- and it passed the ultimate bag test; my laptop fits in it perfectly! Yay!


Dress- Primark (Ebay) | Sandals- Saltwater |  Satchel- C/O Cath Kidston |

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  1. Looks beautiful, it's my sister's favourite place in the world and she actually got engaged there and then had her honeymoon there. I'm yet to go but its definitely on my list!

    I used to have that very same Primark dress, unfortunately it no longer fits :(

    Chloe x

  2. Ohhh these photos are beautiful, and I love that lemon dress on you!! I'm living vicariously SO hardcore right now :) :)

    xox Sammi

  3. Such adorable pictures- love that dress! Alex


  4. I really am in such awe of your pictures every time you pop up a new blogpost!

  5. Your dress is so so pretty Rebecca. Looks like you had a wonderful little adventure, your photography is just spectacular too x


  6. I got butterflies when I scroll your photos and omg what you must feel when you actually were there! so jealous <33 the photos are MAGIC


  7. This is so funny, I've literally just posted a lemon body suit fashion post. I love your holiday photos. They're all so gorgeous. I can't wait to use my camera in Croatia at the end of this month!

    Katie <3

  8. I love the dress! I had to cut myself out of a pair of shorts once...everyone has to do it sometimes haha!


  9. Amazing dress, delicious food, happy faces... What can I say? If that ain't paradise I don't know what fucking is! :)xx

  10. Beautiful! I had to cut myself out of a dress once.. and it was vintage D:


  11. I have been toying with the idea of going to Kefalonia next year and this post has just convinced me! Your photo's are absolutely gorgeous! x

  12. Kefalonia is one of the best places I want to visit.
    holidays Kefalonia


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