17 Jun 2014

I carried a watermelon?

Ah who else watched Dirty Dancing on TV the other day? That film makes me feel so nostalgic and takes me back to days of when me and my sisters would sit about on the weekend and watch it. Dirty Dancing, Grease, Weekend at Bernies 2 and Clueless were the movies of my childhood. I can quote it all day long "Spaghetti arms!" and the soundtrack is brilliant. It never gets old and the end scene still gives me butterflies till this very day.

It would seem the fashion world has gone completely bananas- wait! Watermelons!- (Nope doesn't have the same ring to it)....for all things watermelon. I simply adore it as a print and having darker hair it definitely seems to go extremely well with the colours. This little beaut I found on Ebay? Which I couldn't quite believe as whenever you type in 'watermelon dress' into the search bar it usually results in a bunch of dresses with a 'watermelon' colour which is incredibly frustrating. Then behold I found my dream dress from a lady who hand makes a load of dresses. This dress was originally larger on top and she very kindly altered it for me.

Dress- Ebay - Seller 'Swing me baby' | Shoes- Primark | Cardigan- Charity Shop

These photos were taken after I finished work last week and as outside was still bright and lovely me and Jonathan seized the moment and found a lovely little spot in Kentish Town. The length of the dress couldn't be more perfect as I do tend to prefer my dresses for work on the more longer side. Teamed with Gill's (Jon's mum) cardigan that she found in a charity shop the other week completed the look. Some days it's nice to give the feet a rest so I opted for flats this day. I've got my eye on even more watermelon stuff at the moment, how much is too much?

Get Watermelon Inspired!


  1. Oh, how cute! I love all of the fruit prints coming out for summer lately, they're so fun. And that dress looks so perfect on you. How sweet of her to alter it!

  2. That dress is SO gorgeous - I instantly went to check the sellers ebay page and was disappointed she didn't have any others otherwise I would have snapped one right up. You are so lucky, that dress looks so lovely on you :3

  3. I love me a fruity print, and this particular watermelon one is especially lovely!

  4. Never too many watermelons! It's such a gorgeous dress , I found a watermelon midi skirt in primark last month!

  5. So pretty on you! :) I can't pull off that length, wish I could xxx

  6. Stunning Rebecca, just so pretty girl x


  7. I'm feeling like jumping on the water melon bandwagon too! This dress is stunning and looks so good on you :) Gisforgingers xx

  8. The outfit is gorgeous, you look amazing :)
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  9. Oh my goodness this dress is adorable!!!!!!! I love the print and you look so beautiful


  10. you can never have too much watermelon print, i just adore this dress! and i love dirty dancing, such a good film and the soundtrack really is brilliant:-) xx

  11. I love that we both posted watermelon outfits on the same day!!! <333

  12. love love love this dress. I want to try and find some watermelon fabric to make myself a dress with.

  13. You can never have too many watermelons. I love fruity prints for summer!

    Katie <3


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