8 Jun 2014

If found please return to the sea

I see the sea, the sea sees me. The sea in Kefalonia was simply marvelous and this gorgeous little coast was across the road from where we were staying. I feel so calm and peaceful by the sea and can never get enough of it. This dress is an old Rebecca classic you've probably seen so many times now. From the bargain basket of all places from Traffic People which was originally £70.00 to a mere £5, it was insane really. The floatiness of the fabric swishes whenever I wear it and it's a holiday maxi essential for me everytime.


I lived in my Saltwater Sandals everyday on holiday and cannot praise them high enough. I packed dozens of other shoes but never wore them. Wearing heels or wedge sandals just seemed silly on rubble roads and evening strolls across the beach. They are to date the most comfortable sandals I have EVER worn. Period. I didn't get a single blister and the gold seemed to go with every outfit I wore. Prior to going on holiday I read dozens of reviews online about them and was intrigued. After speaking to a fellow Saltwater Sandal wearer I was convinced and went on the hunt for a pair. They are virtually impossible to track down as they sell out almost immediately everywhere. I was lucky enough to snap up a pair on EBay. If you're thinking about getting a pair for Summer all I can say is DO IT!

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  1. Soo breathtakingly beautiful, my friend. Perfectly ethereal!!

    xox Sammi

  2. You look stunning. Love the dress!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. Oh wow! Beyond breath taking Rebecca, absolutely divine x


  4. That last picture is so sweet! You look gorgeous. I love being near water too, I'm walking my dogs next to the river every day at the moment and it is so relaxing. I definitely want to live next to the sea at some point though xo

  5. These photos are insane! Such a beautiful dress, location and lady! xx

  6. You look beautiful! I can only hope my outfit photos in Croatia will be as beautiful as these! Can't believe that dress was just £5! Amazing bargain!

    Katie <3


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