21 Jun 2014

Monica's Vintage Fair June

It's been simply forever since I've attended Monica's Vintage Fair. I must admit to being a workaholic as I work pretty much every weekend, and as a result haven't had an opportunity to attend my favourite vintage fair for quite some time.

It's quite wonderful to see how much bigger and better it's got over time and the organiser Claire really does deserve every bit of success because the fair is just fantastic. For me a good vintage fair consists of three main things: 1. Atmosphere 2. Quality stalls 3. Good cake. I'm sure other people have different priorities but those do it for me every time.

Hair by BlackCherry Hairdressing 
The venue has now moved to a bigger and more spacious location in Gravesend and the lighting is just perfect for seeing the vintage clothing in all its glory. The Medway Lindy hoppers were in full swing doing their Lindy hopping which is always a joy to watch (and which reminds me, I really should start going again!)

I set myself a budget this time and vowed to only buy things I truly loved and would wear. I do have the tendency to buy novelty vintage items that I only wear on certain occasions, leaving me with a collection of once-worn, inevitably neglected attire, destined for one of the three realms of fashion obscurity: loft, boot fair or eBay.

The lovely Mrs Fox's Finery and Fancies
I love sellers that have beautiful displays and make browsing easy to see and discover. It's all about presentation and the stalls didn't disappoint this time around.


This little vintage tin really stood out for me and I just knew I had to have it and that it would make a lovely tin for holding all my bobby pins. The seller took my complete surprise when she said she knew me from my blog and was a reader. Ah how truly wonderful and flattering (this never happens!) and she even gave a lovely little discount too! She had the most lovely display of vintage curiosities and clothing and has an eBay store here.


My lovely new tin from Mels Belles Vintage


As I was saying: cake- now, Claire makes the cake herself and- no exaggeration- her Victoria sponge is best I have ever tasted in my life. 'Fresh cream and homemade jam' she says is her secret and 'beating the butter for quite a while'! I have it every time I go to the fair and it never lets me down. I also opted for a second slice of cake on the way out and went for the lemon meringue cake which was 'just like the pie....but in a cake'. Jon and I shared it when I got home and it was absolutely delicious.


If you are lucky enough to live in the Kent area a Monica visit is a must. The best advice I would give you is to arrive early (the good stuff can go fast), bring cash, a cheeky haggle is worth a shot, try the Victoria sponge cake, join in with some dancing and have a great time!


  1. This looks absolutely amazing, especially the Victoria sponge. I wonder if anything like this goes on in Scotland.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. This vintage fair looks amazing! There is one that comes to York every so often and I love it! I have started being pretty picky about what I buy these days though as like you I have a lot of vintage items that I have only worn once! It's so hard not to get carried away though!

  3. this looks so amazing! i need to check if there's any lovely vintage fairs like this near me, because is there really anything lovelier in life than cake and vintage? xx

  4. Oh wow, I so love these kinds of events! Those pretty cups & saucers were only $1 (I don't know how to make the pound sign, haha), I would've bought them all! :)

  5. It was so nice to see you at the event Rebecca and thanks for taking some great pictures of my stall and myself!

    Good call on the tin it's really pretty. x

  6. I love vintage fairs so much! looks amazing! x


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