5 Jul 2014

Princess of China

Once again, Monica's vintage fair didn't disappoint but this time I was a very well-behaved shopper! I managed to only go away with a dress and some tea and cake, which is relatively tame for me. I can take no credit to finding this gem of a dress, it's all Gill (Jons mummy). Having lived with her for quite some time now she knows my style and taste to a 'T', and while wandering around I was called over to come see a dress- and my, what a dress it is!

She held it up on the hanger and it was true love. The print, the colour; it was sheer perfection and I couldn't wait to go try it on there and then. It came from a lovely vintage stall called
'Runway Betty' (great name), run by two best friends who had a lovely display of vintage curiosities. I ran to the toilets to try it on and it felt like it was made for me. The waist fitting, the bust, it was all so snug and lovely. If that wasn't great enough it was sold at such an affordable price.

Dress- Vintage from Runway Betty | Shoes- Ebay | Parasol- Ebay

I ran back to the stall with the dress still on, bought it that very minute and decided to wear it for the rest of the day! Oh it's been a very long time since I've done that. Remember when you used to try on new shoes as a kid at the shoe shop and the person always asks "do you want me to put you old shoes in a bag so you can wear them now?", which would usually result in me prancing out in my new magic keys shoes by Clarkes- (which, by the way Clarkes, you need to bring back!).

These photos were taken very early in the morning in 8 minutes before I had to catch the train- yes, we managed to bang these out before work. It's so incredibly hard finding the time to blog these days! I truly admire anyone who can work full-time, commute into London and still find time to blog, it's exhausting! It's all worth it though when you get to wear clothes like this on such a lovely sunny day. 

Have a great weekend everyone! x

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  1. Oh wow, you look spectacular Rebecca! The pattern of your dress is just divine, so so dreamy x


  2. Beautiful photos - and the dress is perfect! I do a 2 hour (each way) London commute and blog and it's ok in the summer but the winter is impossible - how are you supposed to find the daylight hours to take photos?! It can be pretty exhausting... CC

  3. Such a beautiful dress, it looks amazing on you! I can see why you wanted to put it on straight away!

  4. What a find! The pattern is so delicate; it reminds me of a cross between those old school China crockery pieces and those old-fashioned pen illustrations in children's books. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Demi | carbonchic.com.au

  5. What an absolute corker of a find!

  6. You look so stunning, and what a wonderful find! The toile print is beautiful, and I love the back of it! I'm also in awe you managed to take these beautiful photos (in a rush) in a mere 8 minutes. You astound me, my friend! <3

    xox Sammi

  7. What an absolutely gorgeous dress! Great find! It fits you perfectly. I really love the parasol you paired with it too. Adorable.

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  8. you look so lovely! that dress is marvelous and your hairstyle matches perfectly.

  9. Oh, it's lovely - perfect for you!

  10. This dress is lovely! Its so good when someone knows your style so well they can pick out items for you <3 Gisforgingers xx

  11. Such a gorgeous dress, the print is just stunning and I adore these photos (of course!) Such a beauty xx

  12. That dress is so beautiful - I love the print! It suits you so well. :)

  13. Oh gosh I loved magic key shoes! This dress is divine. Take Gill shopping with you all the time!

  14. MAGIC KEYS. Yes. Oh YES.

  15. This dress is gorgeous. I can see why it was love at first sight, the dress suits you so well I want it myself now!

    Katie <3


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