23 Jul 2014

The Proposal

This might very well be my most favourite blog post to date. The most special that we've decided to share with you. As lots of you know, Jonathan and I got engaged in May and it was the most exciting and emotional moment of our lives. I still get butterflies thinking about that day and always laugh too at what happened afterwards.

I knew right away we had to have a engagement shoot with the magical Kitty Gallannaugh. Something for us to treasure always- the most exciting and precious chapter so far in our lives together. So thank you dearest darling Kitty for these romantic shots. You really are incredible my friend.

I've had so many people ask how Jonathan proposed and he often gets a little bashful about it when it comes to telling the story. So what better way than to let him tell you? Yes today's post is officially a JC takeover! x Rebecca

The Jon Blog Takeover

My original plan was- admittedly- a poor one. I was going to set up her tripod for a multi-shot overlooking an amazing view and capture the moment I got down on one knee. 'How many bloggers would have that photo?', I thought. Becky told me afterwards in no uncertain terms that she would have hated that, so I'm eternally grateful to the friends who talked me down from the ledge and pushed me to come up with something else!

It was a beautiful day in Kefalonia when we woke up on Becky's birthday. I knew I was going to propose on her birthday (I needed some occasional camouflage for my scheme!) so I'd been nervously waiting for the moment for the past three days while on holiday. I told her I wanted to take her for a walk so that we could find a nice secluded spot for me to give her her 'presents and card.' It's no exaggeration to say we walked for miles!

I was determined to find the perfect place so, much to her dismay, we were walking through the Mediterranean heat, up and down cliff faces, fighting through thick woodland and clambering over rocks and broken walls (don't worry, it gets better, I promise!)


Anyway, we eventually gave up and went back to the first beach we found, which wasn't perfect but I'd decided would have to do. Just as we were sitting down, Becky saw a little gap in the cliff and so we climbed through to find a secluded cove, shaded by trees and overlooking the turquoise sea. We sat on towels and I gave her the 'card'.

I had made a scrap book full of photos of our time together over the last four years. Every page was narrated and as she flipped through the photos I read it to her. It told the story of our first flat we had while we worked our first crappy jobs in London, our holidays together in Turkey and Paris and all the wonderful adventures in between.

It then went on to tell her all the reasons I love her; her kindness, her sense of humour, and all the small things that only I notice and that make her the fantastic, beautiful and unique person I have always known her to be.

Lastly it talked about our future together, of how we're going to get a dog, have children, grow old together and of the hundreds of adventures yet to come.

It said "I can't wait for our future together, and I don't want to wait anymore...

"And so, Rebecca Tan, my love, my best friend, my soul mate,

"Will you marry me?"

The last page was a photo of the ring. Then when she looked around at me, I was holding the ring out to her.

Luckily she said yes (if she'd have said no, throwing the book away afterwards would've been tragic!)


I'd had the ring designed and made specially for Becky with a company called Good As Gold, based in Dorset. The ring is stunningly made and exactly what she wanted. The only issue was that it didn't quite fit (her hands had shrunk since we last had her ring finger measured).

So what did she do to test the size? On a pebble beach? When she'd had it for 2 minutes? She SHOOK HER HAND! I said it at the time and I'll reiterate it now: it was the single most stupid thing she has ever done!

Of course the ring flew off onto the pebbles and we spent a frenzied 5 minutes looking for the diamond ring with Becky on the verge of a panic attack. I warned her that if I found it first the wedding was off. Luckily she found it before me hiding under a rock and we are still engaged to this day.


  1. These photos are GORGEOUS, Rebecca. That color is amazing on you. Congrats to you both! Jon did a very good job of telling the story of his proposal! :)

  2. aww what a lovely story and gorgeeus photos! Love that dress on you xxx

  3. Wow! Such a cute story, what an original way to propose!! Looove the photos, were they taken on a film camera? Those tones are to die for and you look gorgeous.

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  5. Such a lovely post. Those photos are beautiful. Love your dress! Xx

  6. Beautiful photos and such a wonderful romantic proposal - good work Jonathan! I can't believe you almost lost your ring, that's exactly the kind of thing I'd do!

    1. Yep that's just so typical me! it was horrendous! ha ha

  7. What a lovely, cute and beautiful way to propose! It brought tears to my eyes reading it. I can only imagine the horror when the ring flew off.

  8. Aww, Wowie. This is just wonderful and beautiful and lovely, your engagement pictures are just perfect too. Conrats Bec and Jon x


  9. Aww, I'm glad you found the ring!

  10. Such beauuuutiful engagement photos, and what a wonderful story! And omg, the part where she shook her hand has the makings of a classic rom-com moment. Congratulations to the two of you <3

    xox Sammi

  11. Oh my god, this is the cutest thing! Your engagement photos are stunning :)

  12. Ahh, so cute! Congrats to you! :) :) :)

  13. Such a perfect proposal. Love the effort that went into it and Kitty did a fab job too with these photos. xx

  14. Such a beautiful photos. Congrats!

  15. Wow, so much beauty in this post. You two, the photos and that story are all absolutely perfect. That photo of the two of you in the boat with the parosol has to be my favourite. It looks like a scene from a film. And that book! It sounds so cool. I would absolutely treasure that forever.

  16. hahaha that is truly hilarious! OF course, why wouldn't you shake your hand when the ring is too big HAHAH! but lovely story! :-)

  17. OMG, I can't believe you nearly lost the ring!!! How disastrous. But what a beautiful moment between the two of you. I love hearing proposal stories, they really are so gorgeously romantic. This one is perfect for the two of you and your photos are just so lovely.

    Congratulations to you both, I truly wish you a happy and healthy future together!

    Katie <3


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