1 Jul 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

It's been simply ages since I've done one of these posts. Now I've got an iPad mini I find myself idly browsing my favourite websites on my way to and from work and adding things to my Pinterest wishlist. Some things I will ever get around to officially purchasing and some things I just love. I get lots of inspiration from my wishlist and sometimes try to track down the fabric if I can find it and make the item myself lots of the time- that is if it's a novelty fabric. I hope you like my little list and get inspired too!

Love the style and print on this one. Perfect for wedding season.

I love Toile prints and this green one is perfect in a skater style.

Been in love with this Emily and Fin dress forever, 
I might have to cave and buy it sometime.

I adore pale blue dresses. I have an engagement shoot coming up soon and I'm thinking of getting this one to wear for it. 
Or this cornflower blue one is stunning also.

Blue castle skirt by Pin Up Girl Clothing from

I saw this today in the flesh and this dress is truly beautiful, this photo doesn't
do it justice. Dorothy Perkins


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  2. I love everything on this list! It's not something I'm usually drawn to but that sewing-themed skirt is just adorable..

    I just made a wishlist post too actually--as it gets hotter/colder in your part of the world, it makes it really tempting to go and splurge on new items for the wardrobe, I find, hehe.


  3. Great list! I have the ASOS floral bardot dress in my saved items online - just waiting for the price to fall - I am so in love with it!! xx

  4. Those Topshop sandals with the bow... it's love! I've been searching high and low for mid-heel ankle straps that are dainty and girly. There's lots of thick-strapped types out there, but just doesn't interest me! These have a sweet, faintly-retro feel I'm not sure I can resist...

    CC (http://cici-marie.blogspot.com)

  5. We're selling that Emily and Fin popsicle dress in the little boutique I work at here on the east coast in the US. The print's a bit far out for my little town, though, but better for the few people who want it!

  6. everything in this post is so dreamy and lovely! that asos lip dress ahhhhh! your blog is wonderful, Rebecca.
    bella xx

  7. I'm loving the asos lip dress. Love the blue dress for your engagement shoot but I like the colour of the purple one below better but not the style if that makes sense. You look lovely in everything you wear though Gisforgingers xx

  8. That Bernie Dexter dress is so pretty! great print.


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