31 Aug 2014

Cadillac Baby

Twinwood festival you never fail to make my heart sing! This was my second time to Twinwood and it didn't disappoint. This time I was going to introduce Kayla to the big wide world of vintage nostalgia, shopping, dancing and music.

The Saturday at Twinwood for us was mostly a shopping day; I learnt last year that the good vintage stuff tends to go on the first day. While some stands restock with new gear, that's mostly the reproduction stalls and so if you want a chance to grab some true vintage you have to be quick like a fox and buy early before the crowds move in!


We were incredibly lucky to have wonderful weather on the both the days we went. This Bernie Dexter dress I bought from a lovely reader of my blog called Stephanie. I posted a wish list on which -the dress was a feature and she got in touch saying she was thinking of selling hers. I couldn't resist and she packaged it up beautifully all the way from Germany with a lovely card. This dress is perfect for me and is my first ever Bernie Dexter dress. I've been lusting after so many for so long and now I'm hooked. The fabric, the finish and the pattern are just wonderful and the shape is perfect for us pear shaped girls.

Wearing it with a petticoat had to be done for the show-stopping finish and I felt fantastic in an outfit for the first time in ages. Kayla wore her brand new Hell Bunny dress she bought when I last saw her and looked beautiful.

After putting on our red lipstick, sticking false eyelashes and fixing our hair we transformed ourselves into modern day pinup girls.



I also bumped into fellow blogger Ria from Urban Butterfly who looked simply stunning! Doesn't she look wonderful?


I forget how instantly my mood changes when I get 'proper' dressed up in my vintage gear. I touch base with it most days with my lipstick and flicks and swing dresses but going all out with the hair to complete the look makes the world of difference.

We took dance classes, had tea and cake and marvelled in the fabulous classic cars. I also discovered some brilliant new clothing stores. I was impressed in particular with Campbell Crafts with her adorable stall inside a retro caravan and incredible selection of vintage repro clothing.

I wish everyday could be fabulous and feel-good like this. We did manage to really make the most of it, dancing into the early hours practicing the new duo routine we learnt, swinging our swing dresses and clinking our cocktails! God bless you Twinwood, see you next year...x

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17 Aug 2014

All the tea in China

Days when you spend time with your closest girlfriends are simply priceless. My closest girlfriends are very precious to me and I try to make time and spend quality time with them whenever I get a moment free. My closest girls are scattered across the UK- London, Bristol, Carlisle and Peterborough- can you imagine the logistics of trying to plan my hen party? Yikes, it stresses me out even thinking about it!

Kayla has been my best friend ever since University and we have always been there for one another through the ups and downs; the peaks and troughs; the strikes and gutters! We had a lovely free day together before heading off to a wedding so I decided to introduce her to Rochester: cobbled streets, cream teas and the best charity shops around.

friends4 friends2 friends5 friends3

I will say if you're ever in Rochester, Kent, head to Tiny Tim's Tea-Room; the portions are MASSIVE! Everytime I go for a bite to eat they seem to supersize everything, which is great (I love cream teas when you don't have to worry about rationing the cream!) and the giant scone I had this time with fresh strawberries was simply delicious.

We scoured the charity shops and one in particular which sells pure vintage clothing for Charity shop prices. Kayla picked up this stunning two piece for £10....rather gutted I didn't spot it first! She looks fantastic in it.

friends21 friends17 friends8

Now I have been on a hunt for this dress from Miss Selfridge since last year. It sold out almost immediately and I've been searching ebay ever since. When I finally found it by complete surprise last week it was in my size and only £20 (fate, perhaps? Certainly!) I simply adore the blue china print, embroidered beautifully all over the dress. This might very well be my favourite dress in ages and I feel the pressure to make the most of it before the fabulous, fleeting British summer comes to an end and my pretty dresses are forced unceremoniously beneath heavy winter coats.

A massive thank you to Kayla for taking my outfit photos. x

friends6 friends7 friends10 friends11 friends12 friends13 friends18 friends19 friends20 friends16
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10 Aug 2014


I'm back! It's been such a long long time. A factor of things really- I've been insanely busy, my computer keeps freaking out and not letting me add new photos and I haven't been very inspired lately. There are just some moments when the content isn't there and my heart isn't in it.

Come to think of it, these shots were taken ages ago when I had a day off with Jon and we decided to have a London day. After hearing so much about Shake Shack in Covent Garden we decided to stop and have a burger and custard shake. The shake was lovely and the burger was tasty but I think I preferred the burger I had at Five Guys (and I definitely preferred the Five Guys chips!). Having said that, Shake Shack is amazing and definitely worth a visit if you're in Covent Garden. We wandered around Covent Garden on a beautiful summers day, got some tasty macaroons and took a trip to the portrait gallery.


This skirt I have worn so much lately ever since I picked it up weeks ago in the sale from Topshop. I am obsessed with bardot crop tops too at the moment as I tend to wear a lot of high-waisted skirts. Which are great for those warmer days for work when you don't want to wear a shirt. Hopefully I'll be back again sooner, as I'm slowly getting my blogging groove back. x

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