17 Aug 2014

All the tea in China

Days when you spend time with your closest girlfriends are simply priceless. My closest girlfriends are very precious to me and I try to make time and spend quality time with them whenever I get a moment free. My closest girls are scattered across the UK- London, Bristol, Carlisle and Peterborough- can you imagine the logistics of trying to plan my hen party? Yikes, it stresses me out even thinking about it!

Kayla has been my best friend ever since University and we have always been there for one another through the ups and downs; the peaks and troughs; the strikes and gutters! We had a lovely free day together before heading off to a wedding so I decided to introduce her to Rochester: cobbled streets, cream teas and the best charity shops around.

friends4 friends2 friends5 friends3

I will say if you're ever in Rochester, Kent, head to Tiny Tim's Tea-Room; the portions are MASSIVE! Everytime I go for a bite to eat they seem to supersize everything, which is great (I love cream teas when you don't have to worry about rationing the cream!) and the giant scone I had this time with fresh strawberries was simply delicious.

We scoured the charity shops and one in particular which sells pure vintage clothing for Charity shop prices. Kayla picked up this stunning two piece for £10....rather gutted I didn't spot it first! She looks fantastic in it.

friends21 friends17 friends8

Now I have been on a hunt for this dress from Miss Selfridge since last year. It sold out almost immediately and I've been searching ebay ever since. When I finally found it by complete surprise last week it was in my size and only £20 (fate, perhaps? Certainly!) I simply adore the blue china print, embroidered beautifully all over the dress. This might very well be my favourite dress in ages and I feel the pressure to make the most of it before the fabulous, fleeting British summer comes to an end and my pretty dresses are forced unceremoniously beneath heavy winter coats.

A massive thank you to Kayla for taking my outfit photos. x

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  1. Beautiful photos Rebecca, those cream teas look delicious. I adore both the shoes in the first photo and your dress looks lovely on you too!
    Emma xo Wallflower Wardrobe

  2. Ah, that cream tea with strawberries looks so tasty. I well fancy some strawberries now.

  3. Sounds like a great day! Time with your girlfriends is so precious especially when you live far away from them. The dress is really cute x
    eleanor's adventures in wonderland

  4. Your photography is just so dreamy Rebecca, you always look so beautiful x


  5. This dress you're wearing is so so gorgeous. I absolutely love the back of it. I bet you could style it for the cooler weather with a cute pair of tights!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  6. What a beautiful little town, it looks like something out of a fairytale, you take photos in the most beautiful places!

  7. You both look lovely in these photos~ And the scone with cream tea looks delicious. Those photos are making me crave the orange cranberry scones I made on Saturday, but the American style, so they look a bit different.

  8. That dress was a great find indeed - I love the shape of it and the pattern is stunning. I love an eBay win! Love it paired with pastel blue sandals too. Beautiful outfit and photography as ever! x

  9. Such beautiful photos, and that dress is a dream on you!!

    xox Sammi

  10. Ahhh good old Peterborough, I'm from there! It's so nice to catch up with special friends and your day looked amazing! That dress is also stunning on you, love the detailing on the back! xx


  11. This post made me smile. I'd love to have a day out with my friends in such a scenic surrounding. I adore the colours in both of your outfits, very feminine and doll-like.


  12. yay, it seems like you had such wonderful time with your friends <3 the photos are so beautiful & your outfits ? oh... just breath taking!



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