14 Sep 2014

The Victory Belles

I'm so excited to bring you a very special post. Liz, a friend of my mine from uni, asked if I would take some photos of her and her wartime singing trio, "The Victory Belles". They were looking to shoot some some vintage style group photos for promotional use.

I am so lucky to be living in Kent, and its slogan, 'the garden of England' really couldn't be more accurate. It really is wonderful and the natural backdrop has provided me with some incredible locations over the years. Thanks Kent!

I'm on a perpetual location scout when I'm driving around here and there, always keeping an eye out for lovely little locations and shoot ideas...probably should listen to Jon really and watch the road instead of looking at the fields...I guess that's one of the many curses of a blogger!


We couldn't of asked for a better day; the weather it was simply perfect. The girls arrived with dozens of fantastic outfits and we were all pretty giddy with excitement with how much fun it all was. I've been in such a rut the past months with my blog and this really was the inspirational boost I needed to get my creative juices flowing again. Anything vintage and retro really gets me in my element as I love directing people in photos in ways I think would make a lovely pose, or capture a lovely little story.

The girls' vibrant and contagious personalities really shine in these group shots and they truly were a joy to shoot. I was also incredibly impressed with Liz' serious costume making skills- she made every stitch of those dungarees and military uniforms- down to the skirt and tie!!! Whatta woman!

8 Sep 2014

On Wednesdays we wear pink!

This outfit has been the best vintage ensemble I think I've ever worn. As soon as I tried this hat on it was true love. I hesitated slightly before I bought it for £35 but the colour was perfect for my hair colour and with tilted saucer style it just screamed fabulous to me so I went for it. I've been after a pair of white gloves for ages and I picked these up too that day for only a fiver. I don't quite know why I haven't had a pair sooner and they really do complete the outfit. Now this dress I found later that day after many purchases and it was a complete fluke and my goodness it was a jolly good fluke!

I was browsing through a bargain rail where lots of tat was up for grabs and this little beauty was among it: a vintage prom style dress for only a tenner! The question was though, would it fit? I went to try it on in their make-shift changing room and I admit it was snug! Simply adorable though and I hoped and wondered if it would match my new hat too....and it did....(cue the fanfare sound effect).


I felt like a superstar wearing this outfit and seemed to attract a lot of attention with my fabulous hat getting lots of love. I'll admit the shoes are not vintage but with dancing and walking you need a decent pair of shoes at Twinwood.
You cannot be too precious about shoes at Twinwood as there's loads of stones, grass and mud and you need function over form. I have been pretty unlucky with vintage shoes in the past as they just don't seem to have the staying power that I need. Walking to and from work in the rain is pretty tough on shoes and I often have shell out for re-heeling and sole repair.

I often find reproduction shoes are they way forward to complete a vintage look and I don't tend to gravitate towards vintage shoes when shopping. I am so excited for next year's Twinwood already!
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