12 Jan 2014

Whitstable wishes

Whitstable, Whitstable, Whitstable how you always manage to steal my seaside heart time and time again. The Cinnamon Slipper is no stranger to Whitstable getting featured, this must possibly be my 4th or 5th outfit/lifestyle post here. My bestie Sandy and I try to meet up as much as we can and this time we decided on something different. It usually involves shopping around London town and hitting Ed's diner for milkshakes and a natter (See here for our last visit!) but Sandy has never been to Kent so I took her in my car on a little roadtrip to Whitstable. We got there quite late in the afternoon and the fish and chip shop I planned on taking her to was closed and the other chippy closed at 4pm! Why Whitstable, why?
I think my favourite trend of 2013/2014 has to have been the tartan phase. I've always been a massive lover of tartan and when Mod Dolly announced they were having a sale in the new year I just prayed that some of their tartan dresses might be in the mix. When I saw this smock dress in the sale for such an amazing price I knew I had to snap it up right away.

I simply adore peter pan collars- (what's there not to love about them? ) and smock style dresses are the most flattering shape for us pear shaped girlies. I have simply fallen in love with my new Luna Moon necklace that Jonathan bought me from Tatty Devine. It was such a magical surprise he gave me the other week and I've already worn it 4 times since. I first saw it on the lovely Kristabel back in December when she was wearing it at the Bath blogger meet up and I was just fell in love with it.

Without a doubt the best shop in Whitstable that I always love wandering around in has to be The Whiting Post. This shop blows my mind every time with its beautiful displays, stunning dresses and fantastic merchandise. I tried on the most stunning Bernie Dexter dress that I was so very tempted to buy and might just have to on the next pay day.
 Dress- Mod Dolly 
Shoes- Office
Satchel- Camden Market
Necklace- Tatty Devine
Jacket- H & M


  1. This is such a lovely outfit, I need to have a browse on mod dolly! I'm still mad on the tartan trend, can't get enough! x

  2. I can't express how much I adore this outfit Rebecca! That necklace is the prettiest, and your dress is just gorgeous! x


  3. What a pretty necklace! I wish I could go to England! As always, the pleasure of reading your blogs is all mine! Hope your 2014 has been special! oxoxo

  4. This is adorable and I want your necklace.

  5. I'm so happy plaid is huge again too. It's such a great pattern. I love your plaid dress with the cute little peter pan collar. It looks adorable on you. Your moon necklace is awesome too!

  6. I'm a sucker for anything with tartan print on it too! That dress is making me feel giddy. Love it!


  7. Now you're making me want to jump in my car and go to the seaside! Love your outfit as always.

  8. love tartan too!!!....you look adorable!, the necklace is so gorgeous!!!....

  9. What a fun post! I just love this Tartan.... what a great look. I love how you look like and edgy little school girl. Oh my! Those boots and socks paired with it too! Gah! Love your bloggy woggy... new follower here.

  10. Oh Rebecca, these photos are SO beautiful. Are these with your new camera?!? I have yet to break mine out... I need to do that this week, since I'm planning on bringing it with me to Florida! This dress is so lovely on you, and yay, the Tatty Devine moon necklace. I want to come visit youu. :)

    xox Sammi

  11. I remember those old sewing machines from my childhood.

  12. gorgeous, and your face is like a beautiful doll but life-like and gosh!

  13. Moddolly has some lovely dresses, didn't snag any from the sale myself but I think you made a great choice! Love the shoes!


  14. What a beautiful blog! We love Whitstable, too.

  15. Was nice to see you in Whitstable Rebecca and thanks for being able to take a nice photo of me!

  16. You are so pretty, I love your hair! Also the dress suits you really well :) X Anna


  17. Whitstable is my favourite place in England! My grandparents used to live there and I would visit every couple of months. Unfortunately, when my Grandad got ill, they moved back to be closer to family. Your photos made me so nostalgic! I must go back soon!



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