19 Oct 2014

Now you see me, now you don't

Now you see me, now you don't. It seems like simply forever since I last blogged and I suppose it really has been; so long in fact, I've come back to an entirely new season! Summer held valiantly on for longer than we could have reasonably hoped for but has finally conceded defeat to the cold, crisp air, rainy days and golden trees which herald the temperamental season of Autumn. There are always split opinions about it this time of year, with half of you banging on about how pretty the leaves are while the rest of us grumble and shuffle under brollies and wrap up against the cold!

I'm sure I'll catch up with the happy folk soon and be kicking up leaves with the best of them but right now I've just undergone the old 'winter-wardrobe-switcharoo' and it left me uninspired by last year's winter wardrobe and already longing for summer to come back!

But my wardrobe woes were quickly cast aside when this beautiful smock dress arrived from
Mod Dolly. I remember first seeing this on the beautiful Amy herself when we met up for Paige's birthday and she looked gorgeous in it. It still stuck in my mind and I was thrilled to see that they would be making a comeback this winter. I adore white collars on dresses and this one has a lovely detailing on it too.

Olivia Smock- C/O Mod Dolly | Boots- Clarks |  

This is now my second- no wait, third- smock from Mod Dolly and it's officially my favourite one. The stunning blue velvet smock is still a firm favourite, which I also wore on Christmas Day last year. I opted for a smaller size on this smock and it's so comfy and flattering and with a pair of boots it's great outfit. I wore this without a coat that day by the sea and it was just perfect.

Jonathan and I revisited Whitstable on Wednesday. It's such a beautiful seaside town and always a favourite with us, as it seems unspoilt and unsullied in such a way that is rare in the seaside towns of England. We were lucky too, as in a long line of cold and rainy days the sun was shining warmly on our long-awaited day off (I think Autumn might be winning me round after all!)


So where have I been, you ask? Well, I've been working flat out and not had a day off since....I can't remember? That's bad. Really bad. Jon and I are working hard to save up for a house (our first house together!) and of course I've been doing my princess parties too every weekend, all weekend. I can't complain about that because it's brilliant really, getting to dress up as a princess and make children happy all day!

Of course though there are only so many hours in a day and unfortunately for The Cinnamon Slipper, I've just not been able to give it the same amount of time and attention I used to. When I do post it requires time, love, creativity and inspiration and so I can't force myself to blog, I have to wait until I want to and this can sometimes be a while! When your days are non-stop, it's quite a feat to still find time to stop and document those little moments of beauty in life and I have the upmost respect for bloggers who still manage to produce beautiful content in the midst of their busy lives. Wooly hats off to you, girls!

I still appreciate you all coming to visit my little space in this small corner of the internet and you can also keep updated with my adventures as I'm still pretty active on Instagram (expect lots of princess snaps!).


  1. So glad that you are back, and hopefully your busy life will begin to slow down a little bit! :) I love your dress, and the pink camera and pictures are perfect!
    -Cora Noelle

  2. It's lovely to see you posting but completely understandable in regards to how busy you are! Your dress is just beautiful, I'm dying to add one to my wardrobe. And so cute with the boots and bow in your hair.

  3. Woah I am besotted with your outfit and the total 1960s siren groove all over it! So pretty!

  4. So glad you're back! You were missed! x

  5. That dress really is such a beauty, you look wonderful Rebecca x


  6. Glad to see you back, my dear :) You look simply adorable in this Mod Dolly dress. <3

    xox Sammi

  7. So glad to see a new post from you! You look adorable in this dress, I LOVE the photos in front of the red door!

  8. This dress looks so perfect on you. And as usual your photos are amazing.

  9. I miss your blogging <3 It's good you are back <3
    You look stunning, the dress is adorable <3

  10. I LOVE this outfit, and so jealous of that adorable instax camera <3 Alex


  11. This dress is so you!! :) Love the polka dots, the collar and the bow in your hair, fab details to a beautiful outfit! :)
    This time of year is the busiest for me as well, but I try to enjoy what I can do and not feel guilty about the things I haven't got a chance to do!

  12. Everything about these photos is absolutely adorable, you suit the mod look so well!!!

  13. That dress from Mod Dolly is too cute. I'm gonna have to hop over there and see what I can find for myself... I cann't pass up a pattern and cut like that. You are a doll btw.... following along.

  14. Hey,
    love the attention to detail with the bow! x


  15. I absolutely love your style and the way you photograph your outfits!

    xo Precious

  16. I am in love with that dress, it looks so so adorable on you but still so elegant! Smock dresses have been my go to lately. Your polaroids are great too!
    Bethany x


  17. Love this dress and the haircut with the bow


  18. So cute! Your hair looks adorable, as does that dress.


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